Lapsus Calumni- mini post- A late night message

Late tonight I received one of Snikle’s surprise dispatches, a dove flew in and literally knocked over one of my Mike’s Hard Lemonades. I was sitting on my deck enjoying the mild Tennessee fall evenings when the dove landed on the table and began cooing at me incessantly. Wrapped around it’s left leg was a small note and a tiny map, both in Snikle’s distinctive, and I might add, terrible hand writing. The message was brief, but I could tell he could not wait for his next visit to my world:

My friend!
I have recently returned from another adventure with bags of treasure. Currently wasting the wealth lavishly on a fine young sidhe lass named Evellyn at the Inn of the Last Rose. Much to tell you next time, till then, I know you love maps. Evellyn helped me, I hope you like it!
Till we meet again,

When he next visits, I will enquire more of this inn and work up a more presentable map based on his description, but I thought some of you enjoy seeing some of Snikle’s quirkiness.


4 thoughts on “Lapsus Calumni- mini post- A late night message

  1. I have to say I am impressed with myself. I drew that map, and wrote up the entire passage on my iPhone last night while I lay in bed falling asleep.
    Damn snikle! If he would just let me sleep!

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