Game System frustration

A while back Bryan introduced me to Dragon Age RPG, a fine and excellent game system. I really like it, I do! The books are nice, great art, great ideas, but…you know me. There is one thing that just seriously bugs me about the system.

It uses classes.

Isn’t that so 1980’s? I mean, yes I dig the whole retro-clone or OSR thing going on as much as the next guy but classes? Really?

I really like the core mechanic, it is flexible, has enough spread to allow for great variation and the oh-so-important feeling of having the possibility of many different resolutions. I love the idea of the Dragon Die and how they incorporate that into roles for damage, performing ‘feats’ due to excellent rolling. I love how rolling doubles allows you to perform something above the normal, really giving you a feeling that rolling well makes great stuff happen, like a super powered Critical Hit. I also really like the magic system, though I would like it a tad more freeform.

Oh, and another thing, it has something like eight (8!!!!) abilities! Eight! Hell, why not go for ten?

So here I have been siting now for about two weeks thinking I should use this core mechanic as a jumping off point and do up my own, related, game system because it is just that good….but alas, not exactly what I want.

I am sure here in the next few days when I get a moment, I will sit down and start messing with it, only to shelve it three days later….hey! That can be another “Half-Completed Works” post! 😉


3 thoughts on “Game System frustration

  1. LOL
    Yes, I will never find the perfect system, though, I think that is why I must try. After all, isn’t that why they climbed K2? They had to try, and so must I.

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