Inspiration hath struck like a lightning bolt

After what seemed to be far too long a dry spell of inspirational drought, I appear to have been able to pull out of the rut I have been in for well over six months. I suppose this can be traced back to something I blogged about a few weeks ago and possibly the book I recently finished reading. Both have really gotten me in into the creative mood again, Bryan running Dragon Age probably helped as well. So on the advice of another blogger named Greg, I have decided to start up a few projects:

  • Sylnae: an idea that I have been thinking about for over a year, I am going to incorporate some ideas that I have gotten on (re)building the world from Bat in the Attic, S. John Ross, Risus Monkey’s Fantasty Language Cypher and a host of others I have discovered on the web. Bat in the Attic’s New Kingdoms is a great model to aspire to follow. We will see…
  • 5E, an attempt at a modern OD&D/OSR based on some idea that Greg spoke about here. And damn him, I have not been able to think of anything else but this since reading his post. As a major deviation however, I will not be using a d20 because, well, d20s are stupid. 😉
  • and last, but certainly not least by any means, my new zine Lapsus Calumni. I plan on continuing to explore Sylnae with Snikle. Probaboly will post some step by step processes on the blog, maybe release as “Snikle’s Guide to Sylnae” in Lapsus Calumni or something like that. Personally, I like Snikle’s take on things and writing the bits where he comes to visit me I find to be very fun and entertaining, at least, for me.

One thing I am considering, and if you have feedback or thoughts on this please let me know, is formating the zine for reading on an iPhone in addition to the normal, full size PDF I have releaseI find myself constantly zooming, moving, rezooming, scrolling….all freaking annoying as all get out. So if an item is formated for the iPhone* the text is large enough that you do not have zoom the page and one page fits the screen size perfectly. While you may agree that, this is not the nicest or prettiest layout, it makes for damn easier reading while mobile. And until my wife authorized the purchase of an iPad (or like device), I am stuck reading PDFs on the move on the iPhone. If this is something you would appreciate, or just think is silly, let me know either way. Thanks!

All in all, these few things should keep me rather busy, not accounting for real life and my coming deployment, for the next year or so as I work on getting all this going and producing some good stuff for my blog.

* formated for MY comfortable reading


5 thoughts on “Inspiration hath struck like a lightning bolt

  1. Re: iPhone formatting….

    With my new iPhone 4, I find that I’m ok as long as text is reasonably sized and limited to a single column. But I switch between my Kindle DX and and my iPhone 4 depending on convenience and I don’t get bent out of shape if a given PDF requires a little thumbing around to read on my phone.

  2. Haha. 5E, yeah I figure that will ruffle some feathers, but hey, no where do I say THAT 5E, could be 5 Evolved, 5 Everything, 5 Earthlings….. Maybe I will get some WotC lovers here posting nastygrams for me. I should have titled the post “5E” or something, would have gotten 5000+ hits today.

    @RM I don’t mind reading them, I just find it inconvenient to have to continually move around the page. Does the Kindle DX read PDFs? How does it with displaying graphics or tables? I only get bent out of shape when Kristian talks to me on Buzz. 😉

    1. Thanks! I have about a 3 page document already done up. I am hoping to post something soon about what I have, and with any luck I will get a few friends to playtest it with me.

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