5e: Should I, or Should I Not?

recent discussion on another blog really struck a cord with me and I have been able to think of little else. My problem right now is that I AM inspired but i know if I call it 5e, the WotCers will come out of the wood work like cockroaches when the light is turned on. As Greg put it, perhaps I am being too ‘ballsy’. Think that is so?

I am using D&D as a basis, as a foundation, for what I am doing here, but let it be clear that I am not making D&D 5E. I am making MY version of D&D. My current vision for how I want to play D&D in the coming year or so. I suppose it could be said this is a mash of OSR and modern thinking, a host of ideas from the many games I have played and enjoyed: Dragon AgeDungeonSlayersBarbarians of LemuriaRisus, and PDQ#, and a host of others I have forgotten at the moment.

Right now I am up to 5 pages of text and tables with ideas and whatnot. Nothing I would put  out to the world, well, at least nothing that would go beyond my close friends.


12 thoughts on “5e: Should I, or Should I Not?

  1. Yeah but not going with 5e seems like a cop out, bowing to the man, or just plain giving up. How’s about 7e? Sort of an in joke that it will take WotC 3 more tries before they get it right. 😉
    Or maybe I can go back to the drawing table and come up with something…

    1. Actually, no one has said anything at all about the name. I suppose one could take that either positive or negative. I sort of like it though. Light hearted good times is what the name makes me think of. Though I do like the names you provided.

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