Who is Snikle*?

I was recently asked “Who is Snikle?” and I thought perhaps I should explain a bit about the D&D character whose name I stole as my online identity about 12 years ago as I began exploring the strangeness of the digital world.

As stated in LC01-

Snikle Wiffleberry is a character I played years ago while I was still in high school. He was a halfling bard who had a knack for partying away every gold piece he scavenged from the many dungeons he ventured into. He also had weak knees for the elven redheads that seemed to pop up too frequently in our games. I decided to resurrect him for this little episode because, well, I missed him.

As you can see above, Snikle was a halfing bard, something not allowed under the rules at the time and I was barely able to convince the older gentleman running the games that I should be allowed to play the class/race combination. To me a halfling bard seemed like a natural goo thing. Music, good times, song, dance, food….sounds to me like pretty much a freaking bard’s wet dream, no? In any case I managed to get the DM to let me play him, and I went a bit overboard.

Snikle and his pals slayed a iron cobra, and when I realized that the ‘head’ of the creature was quite large…and empty…I took this as a helmet. Later we were attacked by some manner of deranged elk and I had asked to remove the massive antlers. The DM, surely fearing whatever silly plan I had in my head, decided to attempt to derail me from my goal. I ended up with only one workable antler. Not to be deterred, I mounted it on the iron cobra’s forehead and marched proudly forward into the world with a giant metal snake head attempting to be a unicorn as my helmet. And before you ask, yes, Snikle became well known in the area.

Snikle also played the bagpipes. As a constant travelling companion he had a donkey named Lokiton (named after the god Loki) who followed him everywhere, and when he was not able to venture forth (such as into a deep dungeon), Lokiton could be trusted to be set free upon the world and would be eagerly waiting for Snikle’s return at the entrance to the dungeon. He carried all my adventuring crap and all the treasures I pulled from the dungeon. I swear the donkey was a better member of the party than some of the other characters. One damn fine donkey.

While I only played the character for a short time, I think our campaign lasted maybe six months, it is he alone as a character that has stuck with me. Heck, the plates on my first car were “snikle7” (7 is my lucky number). He is certainly the character I can identify with the most, though we probably have the least things in common of any that I played. Perhaps he is who I want to be, or perhaps simply the person that I never could be.

What did Snikle look like you ask? This image is almost a perfect rendering of Snikle (the rotund belly is exact):

Halfing. donkey, bagpipes, iron cobra helmet, a single antler…sounds perfect. He had a love of drink, a love of the ladies, loved to make music, adventured solely to make money to then waste funding the best celebration the closest town has ever seen and was generally one damn fine fellow. I wish I could have met him. He never let his friends down, stuck with them until the end, and I would gladly join him on an adventure any given day.

* One thing to note: When referring to the character, the ‘S’ is always capitalized, but when used by Snikle himself, or by myself as an alterego online, the ‘S’ is never capitalized. Don’t ask me why, just always been done that way.

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