Dungeon Delvers, er……Dungeon Delvers!

And yes, I dropped the “!”, I thought it felt somewhat silly and childish. While I am still knee deep in writing the game, well, I am too much a ‘gun jumper’ to not work up a logo for the game….which knowing me will never be completed.

But hey, can’t blame a guy for trying. 😉

So I throw together a logo, nothing professional mind you, just a hobbyist playing around with a logo and eventually getting something that I liked.  The axe I modeled on some random clip art I found online, I just liked the way it looked, but opted to redraw it completely. Click on any image to get a larger, and clearer, version.

All white?

Perhaps a little black?

Or perhaps a little color?

Hmmm, not looking at it, I like the “!” on there. Maybe I should keep the !

Damn it all!!!


Maybe an ! with the red?

Damn me and my changing tastes…..

What do you think? Is there a particular one that suits your fancy more than the others?


10 thoughts on “Dungeon Delvers, er……Dungeon Delvers!

  1. Thanks for the input, I might try it with a little color on the axes, will have to see. For now though, I am back at work on the actual game, a very good thing. 😉

  2. Wow! Nicely done, very cool, thank you for making it.
    I think I will wait until I finish the game and see which one people think fits the style of the game, you are right, mine is more cartoony and not-so-serious, somewhat in line with the game, but that could always change as the game is fleshed out more.
    And, very cool, and thank you.

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