Playing with Maps, a question

If you follow my blog at all you most likely know that I love making maps and am constantly exploring new styles and methods. I have been using a particular style for my Lapsus Calumni zine that is primarily inspired by the mapwork of Christian over at Destination Unknown blog and while I am happy with it, I almost feel like I am copying his stuff whenever I post a map.

So, I have of course, been messing around a little. I have messed with two previously released maps and tweaked them a bit, more in tune to fit with the idea that these are maps that Snikle is drawing up for me as is presented in the zine.

To the right is the new variant version of the Tomb of Mrathien (click for larger version), compare this to the original version here.

To the left is the second map I messed with (click for larger version), the Inn of the Last Rose. For the original version click here.

Take a long if you would and tell me what you think, which you prefer to see in future issues of LC, I am very interested in what people like and if they prefer the Snikle-drew-it-style or the more pencil and paper style I originally was using.

And thanks!


2 thoughts on “Playing with Maps, a question

  1. I honestly think either way is great. Your artistic ability kills mine (I honestly cannot draw a straight line) and you have a great warmth with your drawings that is hard to duplicate.

    However, if you’re concerned about ‘stealing’ from Christian, go with the snikle style to ease your conscience.

  2. I cannot draw either, just a lot of time spent doing trial and error in various art programs…gives the impression of artistic ability.
    Thanks for the input!

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