Raise from the dead: Rassilon Map

I am merely posting this because now there will always be a copy of this map floating around the web, some people seem interested in this style, others don’t seem to care. Maybe it is the fact that  my formative years were spent looking at a map similar to this and daydreaming, but I love this ‘Forgotten Realms’ style.

I did this when I was playing in a Hellfrost game my friend Bryan was running, very cool game setting. At one time I aspired to redo the entire map they made of the world (neat style but neigh impossible to read) but alas, it was not to be and Rootbeer was spilled upon the laptop while I was in Iraq last year. It died and I was barely able to recover the map below.  This map was done in Fireworks and had a huge amount of details put onto it, the file was so big my laptop was barely able to handle it. I really do wish I had been able to finish the series, but hey, Fate is an evil mistress.

Click for the massive version:


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