This guy has some mojo! (the Sunday roundup)

Mindless drivel from me on a Sunday, nothing more, so I thought I would post an interesting picture I discovered while perusing the internet this fine morning.

This mage here has certainly found the Surround with Hotties spell, least one from the 70’s I think.

Updates on my Doings:

  • Finished Lapsus Calumni issue 5, will be released on Wednesday as usual. This time up we have another page from the magical lexicon, a device I think most GMs would find fun to throw at a wandering group of adventurers.
  • Fell back in love with Warrior, Rogue & Mage, then fell out of love again. I really like the game, I just have issue with the one d6 mechanic. I do not feel that it can support a long term campaign and give me a warm and fuzzy. I am hoping to run a short session sometime in the coming week to really give it a shot. I like the game and the author, so I want this to be my game, but the one d6 thing is holding me back. Damn it all.
  • Continuing work on Dungeon Delvers, not progressing as fast as I would like but taking my time and making sure I am heading in the right direction. Seeing more influence from Dragon Age and WR&M. Did much work on magic system this week, much thanks to Alex and Bryan for listening to go on about magic Thursday evening.
  • Drew my first Sylnae world/region (not decided yet) map. This will be the 4th complete recreation of my little game world. Being that I am reading a most excellent book how the 14th century really was, I am planning on incorporating many of the facts presented in the book into my world. We will see. I have decided to stop working on Sylnae until I decide on a game system.
  • I made a url! Using the Google shortener I gave the blog a shortened url: Thought I got to say is not nearly as cool or easy to remember as
  • We recently had a dear family member pass away and we finally have brought two new friends into our family, one we have affectionately named Snuffles due to him having a cold and the loudest breathing I have ever heard from a kitten and the other named Joseph (after the priest from the church where they found him). Snuffles is fitting in perfect, Joe, not so much, we think our house is too active for this guy. He hides all day and night, we are lucky to spot him once a day. Perhaps 2 dogs, 2 other cats and two active daughters are too much for the fella. We might be soliciting for an older couple that would enjoy a more reserved and calm cat.
  • I realized I have an unhealthy man crush on the musical god that is Johnny Cash.

5 thoughts on “This guy has some mojo! (the Sunday roundup)

  1. There’s nothing wrong with showing some love to the Man in Black. I was listening to Thirteen this morning and totally digging it.

    I hope Joe either settles in or finds a mellow home where he can chill. Either way, it was nice of your family to take him in.

    Enjoy the day,

  2. I managed to catch “Walk the Line” yesterday, my 10yr old said it was boring, but after the 12th or 13th viewing (I forget which) I still love the movie.

    If we decide Joe isn’t happy here, we will keep him until we find a suitable home. We are true animal lovers and will do our best to make sure he is happy, all of our pets minus the Wolfe man have been rescues…he was the best $25 I have ever spent.

  3. Regarding the d6 mechanic. I’ve thought about variant dice mechanics myself, because just one d6 doesn’t allow for much granularity. The easiest way would be to replace the d6 with d12 or 2d6 and adjusting the DLs. Heck, you could probably turn it into a d% system, if you wanted to. The rules are very easy, so you should be able to pull this off without breaking anything.

    1. The game I am working on, Dungeon Delvers, takes many cues from WR&M with ideas from other games such as Dungeon Slayers, Dragon Age, Barbarians of Lemuria, and even a little Risus. It uses a 3d6+attribute+trait (think a hybrid skill/cliche).
      However, circumstances in life might prevent me from finishing it any time soon.

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