15 in 15, my turn…

Following in the footsteps of others, I shall post my….well, lets see if I can get to 15! In noe real particular order:

  1. D&D, tried and true, used it for decades, in all it’s versions up to 3.0, and never touched it again…
  2. Marvel Super Heroes (the old FASERIP version), opened up my eyes to awesomeness.
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, very cool, very slick.
  4. Call of Cthulhu, whoa, everyone died, but it turned me on to the master which in turn has then influenced everything.
  5. The Bard’s Tale, oh my, I spent ages playing in Skara Brae!
  6. The Window, opened my eyes to the rest of the gaming world!
  7. Risus, the grand old game, the master, and the guide of my future.
  8. Gangbusters, damn I loved this game.
  9. Zork, yes! The original!
  10. Risk, the greatest board game of all times, all dimensions, and all planes.
  11. Twilight 2000. Gadgets and equipment were cool as hell…until I actually used much of it in the Army, then I realized it sucks. 🙂
  12. In Nominee, never played but tons of ideas slewed forth form the inspirations of this game.
  13. Heavy Gear, the art sold me on this game, made the world very real and ‘teh awesome’
  14. The Pool, another indie game that showed me how great gaming can be again.
  15. Savage Worlds, a game I love to hate, awesome and playable, some called me ‘The Reverend’ for a while as I turned the masses on to this game…
And there you go, should be a good image of my gaming mind and where I come from.

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