Risus – A Study In Scarlett

Over on the RisusTalk Yahoo Group Alan (Captain Kobold) posted some links to his Risus/Mythic GM Emulator game. I have seen this used before with RisusMonkey (here doing a comic book & playing in Lankhmar) and been interested in trying this myself.

Here Alan covers his game here:
Part I
Part II
Part III

I post this because not only is it a great example of the Mythic GM Emulator, but it also showcases in detail how he uses the Risus system to create what is a pretty neat and compelling story with characters that not only grow but sound interesting to play.

I like how he presents the scene, and then the mechanics that helped him create the scene, including how he used Mythic to generate NPCs and their clichés on the fly. After completing the character generation, he states “My opening premise was ‘It’s 1862, and Miss Scarlett is on a train travelling to Memphis’.  That’s it.  I have no idea where the story’s going to go now…” and then proceeds to create a very interesting NPC introduction and generation completely driven by the Emulator. Freaking awesome. He ties the lead character with this NPC not only through the current scene but ties their deeply with their background as well. And to this mix, he tosses in an immediate threat which is generated by the Emulator and from that encounter draws (and creates) the NCP’s clichés. As I think games that are structured much like a movie or TV show, this is great stuff. In the first scene we learn much about Ms Scarlett’s personality, her background, a emotional connection (deep one at that), introduce an important NPC, and to top it off, we have a little action in there as well. Hot damn, I would set up my DVR!

From there we proceed to the town where he continues to create NPCs and encounters on the fly. At the same time he is generating not only the background, but also the possible protagonist for the game as well, setting up a great start to a game.  This is some excellent gaming we have going on here and really it is just one creative guy, some dice and the Emulator creating and driving it all.

All that in three short scenes…pretty damn good if you ask me.

As a side note: God help, I am falling in love with Risus again!


4 thoughts on “Risus – A Study In Scarlett

  1. You scooped me! Yeah, I’m really enjoying Alan’s story thus far. He approaches this is a way that very much aligns with my own sensibilities. The best Mythic GME experiences are those with little or no preconceptions about where things are going. And the Mythic GME is what led me back to Risus. In many ways, they are perfect for each other. Risus provides just enough structure to randomize things and then gets out of the way of the story. And I vastly prefer it to the native Mythic system (as opposed to the GME).

    Other than a short chat game and a brilliant one-shot, all of my Risus gaming has been with the GME lately.

  2. Hey, thanks for the kind words. It was actually my very first game of Risus, and only about my third or fourth outing with Mythic, so I was pleased with how it turned out.

    Episodes 4-8 are available on RPG.net now, winding the story up, but leaving a number of things open. I really enjoyed running it.

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