The old Sunday Roundup

Yep, another week has gone past. It was a busy week for me, my dad visited my new house (the first I have owned!) for the first time, I went back to work, found out exactly when I deploy (again), thought about gaming often, but did absolutely zero about it. The image above? No reason, just thought that black gate starting to crack open looked awesome. What is on the other side? What is causing that spooky red glow? I don’t know, but “Oh crap!’ is all I can think of right now.

So what happened to this week:

  • I discovered the awesome Mythic/Risus thread A Study in Scarlett (which he has updated if you are not following along).
  • Rethought about Dungeon Delvers! and realized that I think I was aiming too big, trying too much. To that end I am putting DD! on hold while I return to another project called…kumquat! Kumquat is a rules-lite game that I have been playing with for about two years now, this time I am taking it back to a more basic level where it really is a more advanced game of Risus, call it Advanced Risus if you want.
  • Thought much about FarPen as well. Currently wondering if it might be cool to re imagine it as a more colonial sort of angle with FarPen being the colonies of a large empire with guns-a-blazin’, honor and integrity, spies, klokwerks, some magic, founding father types running around, and manner of monsters causing trouble. Could be interesting. Now, I am not thinking of Ben Franklin running around with a sword and gun…no wait, maybe I am.
  • Lapsus Calumni….yeah, about that…hopefully I finish it Monday or Tuesday so I can release the first level of the dungeon Fellion and Snikle are exploring.
  • Really tried hard to get my own Mythic/Risus thing going…instead I stained my fence all weekend. Now before you laugh, I have a very large yard and at the time I thought it would be a great idea to put up a huge privacy fence….jeez, took me about 5 hours to do the inside on Saturday and another two today to finish the outside. And of course, mother nature decided to be very mean to me. No chance of rain in the forcast Sunday morning when I get up, I stain the outside, two hours later, downpour! Gah! May have to redo the outside later this week. Mother nature is annoying. That old hag.
  • I also built a birdhouse. 🙂
You can see it here in the early stages before we finished painting it. My daughter is going to paint it all fancy and pretty before we hang it up. I am hoping that this one, along with the other two we hung up, encourage birds to move into my yard and eat all the bugs that enjoy my large yard. Perhaps they will alter their friends to the fine dwellings that can be found at my house along with the yummy smörgåsbord of bugs that haunt me every spring and summer.
I really dig the large landing perch I put on the front of the house, made it almost comical in appearance, but I think the birds will like the larger, and longer, area to walk about…a bird porch?
Well, there you go, not much gaming going on, but soon I will have too much time on my hands so I am enjoying time with the family for now.

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