Lapsus Calumni 7 sneak peek

Ok ok, I know, enough with the sneak peek, just put out the next issue! Yeah, I am getting to it, I just thought those of us that are part of the ‘extras’ loving generation would like to see some of the process of making an issue of Lapsus Calumni, specifically the next issue: The Spider’s Den…which with any luck will be out this Wednesday.

Step I – I drew the map and laid out some notes over lunch today, keeping in mind the fact that I wanted this to connect to the previous issue “The Goblyn’s Grotto”. Drawing, inking and outlining the dungeon took maybe 40 minutes.

Step II – I imported the drawing into Fireworks and Illustrator and cleaned it up a bit. Added some better spiderwebs.

Step III – Will be adding some identifiers for locations (ie 1,2,3, etc) and detailing those spaces out a bit.

Still not sure if I will be making this detailed for Warrior Rogue & Mage or if I will just do it more generically. Lately I seem to be leaning more and more back to Risus, just such a great and simple system.


2 thoughts on “Lapsus Calumni 7 sneak peek

  1. Going along good. Doing this up for WR&M again, up to 6 pages long now with all sorts of spidery goodness. Just need to finish up the story, edit it and it will be ready for tomorrow. If you hate spiders, you are going to hate this one.

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