Pictures that lure me to a game: Iron Kingdoms

I stumbled upon this image in a Iron Kingdoms books (I have a mega-crush on this game, and yet have never played it!). I love the idea of steam-punky goodness tossed in with some fantasy elements and this is the sort of image that makes me want to love it even more. A sort of Solomon Kane looking guy carrying a badass blade on his back and some manner of large caliber pistol. Also looks like he may be carrying a magical tome in his other hand.

Sort of looks like he fit right in FarPen or the kind of fella that you might find wandering about Goblin Gulch, doesn’t he? Makes me think I need to restart this whole FarPen idea I had back earlier this year.

Another awesome image from another IK book, this one focuses on yet another of my favorite genres: the colonial period. This period I like for a couple reasons. First, think back to your grade school/high school days in school, you remember learning much about what could only be called the most important era in our history? Hell, world history really, many people around the world were inspired by our revolution, that they fought for their own freedom. Sad we learn so little about this important time in American history. Anyway, second, so little was known about our world at that time, but there were many people adventurous enough to step into the dark and spread. This is a time when people really believed in the devil, black magic, and the Evil That Lurks in the Dark™. Sounds like a perfect place for a game to being, yes?

All of this has really got me thinking of how cool a game could be that took a sort of unconventional angle of a colonial period mindset, with a steampunk, or rather a Klokwerk* twist, tossed into a salad with a fantasy bent. Magic, gunpowder, honor, intrigue, and a fear of the unknown.

*What is this Klokwerk you ask? It is what I call my sort of pre-steampunk angle on things, not as advanced as regular steampunk, or as ‘punk’, where tech would be around the tech of 1900s or so but in a world set around the ideals and attitudes of the world around 1770. The tech is based more on gears, cogs, and such. Infuse this with some magic and anything is possible!


4 thoughts on “Pictures that lure me to a game: Iron Kingdoms

  1. Oddly enough we again have similar tastes. I actually have a ton of figures painted for this game. I haven’t played it in probably 3 years. I was considering pulling all that stuff out and selling it. Sadly it is some of my best painted work so a shame to get rid of it. I ran an Iron Kingdoms campaign using Hero System for about 18 months and did the first book of the Witchfire trilogy using it. Good stuff.

  2. Hell yes! You know from my Silverlode setting that I’m a sucker for Western Fantasy. And I love Colonial Gothic stuff just as much (especially around this time of year). Yeah, I dig the heroism of the founding fathers (my 5-year-old son has begun to name some of his Lego guys after Jefferson and Washington). But I also dig the look. That sort of of Hammer Horror/Sleepy Hollow/Brotherhood of the Wolf aesthetic.

    I always gazed fondly upon Iron Heroes from afar, but I never picked up the books.

  3. Tim, except for the crappy ending (and oh-so-bad wolf special effects) Brotherhood of the Wolf is one of my favorite movies. The fight scenes are awesome, the costumes are kick-ass, and the genreal story is just fit for being ripped into a rpg. Gah! Makes me want to make a Mythic/Risus session out of a Colonial Gothic setting!

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