Lapsus Calumni #7 – The Spider’s Den

Once again we have caught up with the two brave adventurers Snikle and Fellion as they venture into the gloomy depths beneath The Goblyn Grotto. Gloomy, wet and smelly, the tunnels below are muddy and miserable…and full of deadly terrors!

The Spider’s Den may be used as a stand-alone adventure with the possibility to continue far deeper if the GM so wishes. If players were to wander down the steps located in area 5 of the Grotto, they will find themselves in the bowls of a large, underground complex filled with all manner of foul beasts! As before, this issue of Lapsus Calumni is done with details listed for the excellent game Warrio, Rogue & Mage, however it would be simple to convert for use with any OSR clone or other fantasy game.

~ • ~

Snikle disliked dungeons. Dark, dreary, wet and smelly. Seriously, what was there to like about them anyway? Well, the gold, but other than that, not much.

Snikle tried to visualize the gold, straining at the effort as his fingers dug into the wet muddy slop on the cavern floor. “Ew,” he sneered. “This is just gross Fel.”

His friend Fellion, elbow deep in the mud, turned towards the small dirty hobbin. “Oh no Snik, don’t ye go blamin’ me fer this. Delvin’ in ta this here pit was yer flamin’ idea!” Annoyed, he tossed a glop of mud at his friend that squarely landed on, and stuck to, his forehead.

“Hey now old buddy,” he wiped the dirt off and flung it away from him. “I think that old fella was telling me a tale, I don’ think there is anything in the mud here. What’s say we check out that other chamber we saw across the hall. I’ve got a good feeling about this one.”

A little bit of grumbling came from the ghim, but he eventually stood and scraped the mud off his arms, all the while complaining about how mud sticks to hairy arms. “The next chamber could be no worse, an empty chamber filled with nothing but mud and bones of equally foolish tomb raiders!”

Snikle drew his short sword and crept across the natural tunnel, peeing inside the chamber. He turned and made a “ssshhhh” gesture to his companion. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and he could see the chamber clearly. The room’s ceiling was high above, shrouded in inky black and the soft dirt floor showed little signs of any recent disturbance. In the middle of the room, dangling from the unseen ceiling were a large bunch of spider eggs sacs. The sacs sat silently and unmoving.

“Curious, look at this Fell,” he motioned for his friend to come forward. “Appears to be egg sacs, just hanging there waiting to mature.”

“Aye, very curious…hmmm,” he grumbled as he scanned the dark ceiling shrouded in darkness.

“Oh, you dislike everything except strong ale.” A sly grin appeared on Snikle’s youthful face.

“Oh no, not again lad, when that wee smile begins a-creeping ‘cross yer face, the hair on me neck stands on end,” He attempted to grab a hold on Snikle’s jerkin. “What cockamanie idea ye gots brewin’ in ye little head?” He managed to snag his collar and hold back his progress towards the middle of the room.

“We take out these eggs and the spiders will never haunt these tunnels again! We’ll be heroes!” His eyes were aglow with glory and fame.

Behind him the sacs quivered slightly, waiting…

~ • ~

Download issue seven of Lapsus Calumni (pdf).

Click the image below to view a larger version of the map (no key).

And keyed.


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