Lapsus Calumni…a failure?

Hmmm, I have gotten some nice comments about my little zine and a decent amount of encouragement to continue working on these, but something to my attention today that gives me great pause. While visits to my blog has nearly tripled from earlier this year, actual clicks to download the PDFs that I attach to the posts is, well, disappointing to say the least.

The table below shows how many times someone has clicked the links to download the PDFs issues of Lapsus Calumni. I included the Rassilon Map I made just for some comparison. Needless to say, not a lot of people have downloaded my work at all.








Rassilon Map










Now, someone may come along and say that it is early, keep working on it, ‘if you post it, they will come’ and all that, but I have to be honest. While I like doing these, it serves as a nice place to get my creative juices flowing and out of my head, but I am just not sure the end result is worth the amount of time I put into these.

Makes me wonder if I should focus my attention elsewhere…


9 thoughts on “Lapsus Calumni…a failure?

  1. As a person in a similar position, I can only offer you the following bits of advice.

    1. Remember that word-of-mouth takes time to propagate. As your blog hits go up, so will people reading your stuff. The expectation that this will just “click” and head off into the stratosphere is a pipe dream. It takes time.

    2. This is your personal creation. You are doing it for yourself. If other people like it, great. If you pin your hopes on the acceptance or love of other people, you are in the wrong hobby. The cheese must stand alone, through thick and thin. Such is the way of hobby RPGs.

  2. I agree with Greg here. I just looked at #7, and you do good work. I think that the advice I could give you is that you need to whore your wares out to get them noticed. Join one or more of the many blog-networks out there, start hanging out in relevant furums (and put links in your sig), stuff like that.

    The bitch about the internets is that there’s so much out there that it’s easy to become lost in the sheer mass of information available.

    But most of all, if you like doing it, why stop?

  3. If you’re happy writing it, it’s not a failure. I wrote zines for years and years and learned that it takes a long time to develop an audience. Keep at it and promote your work like a mofo.

  4. I can’t tell you whether or not to continue, but I can say that I have really enjoyed the issues of LC that you have presented. Regardless of how you chose to express you creativity, I’ll be here to read about it.

  5. Thanks for the input guys (& gals I think), after reading the comments here and also in Buzz yesterday, and in a subsequent discussion with my buddy Bryan, I got inspired and am currently working on another LC issue….a Halloween special! Got all the artwork done, now just working on typing it all up. Might not get done in time to be out Sunday morning like I would like, but if nothing else, people will have it for next year.

  6. I just discovered your site! These issues of LC are great, and I’ve downloaded them all.

    It does take time to spread the word–try posting on some of the RPG discussion forums like Dragonsfoot, Knights & Knaves, Swords & Wizardry,, etc. If you announce your freebies in these places, you might find your downloads increase. It’s worked for other zines like Encounter ( and The Land of Nod (

  7. I got over my sappy crybaby moment there. 😉
    I am not much of a self promoter, so I think i will just keep working on things and releasing them, if people like them, they will pass them along, if not, eh, I still enjoy making them.

    Thais for the comment!

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