Desert Island Fantasy

Following in the footsteps of others, I have came up with my list of required fantasy reading. I am including things sci-fi, children’s books and probably others that most people would not consider true fantasy, but for me fantasy covers situations that could not happen in the real world.

So here are the books I would want with me were I stuck on a desert island:

  • Melanie Rawn: Dragon Prince. Awesome opener to a great series that goes into more details on politics and relationships than most traditional fantasy books.
  • Raymond E. Feist: Magician. I am taking the first two Magician books and calling them one here, I believe the author has stated he intended it to be published as one, but money became a factor and it was published as two parts.
  • J.M. Barrie: Peter Pan. Yeah I said the same thing in college when my Fantasy Author’s Professor gave us the assignment too, turns out it is actually a very good book. Yeah, great class, I was very happy to take it. 🙂
  • T.H. White: The One and Future King. Another book from my college class. Amazing and funny, and stands the test of time to be a great read even today.
  • D.M. Cornish: Foundling. An amazing exercise in world building and filled with unique creates, characters and locations. Only bad thing? It WILL make you want to read the next one, which would suck on a desert island. Third book in the series comes out in a few weeks!
  • Scott Westerfield: The Risen Empire (Succession). Again a book written as one that was separated in twain by the publisher. Probably the best science fiction book I have ever read. You should read it too.
  • Max Brooks: World War Z. Zombies, who doesn’t love them? A funny, easy read, great for reading while sitting on the sandy beach waiting for rescue. Fantasy? Sure! Probably the best zombie book yet published.
Hmmm, damn, I think that is it, but really how could one carry more than those books?

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