Hackfall, just waiting to be explored

In my downtime, as I posted previously, I like to explore the world via the Internet. This week I stumbled upon a place in England that I really would like to explore. Named Hackfall Wood, a name I have to say is simply inspiring in and of itself, the town (and the surrounding forest) was apparently first mentioned way way back in the Doomsday Book.

This site (http://www.hackfall.org.uk/) contains a wealth of photos and a few pages of history which are excellent sources of inspiration.

For example here are some photos and a few quick thoughts I had:

A group of stalwart adventurers could find this a nice spot to ford this river as they travel across this vast wooded area. The mist that shroud the river hide all manner of evildoers.

The great ruined tower of Bealgaralor, once housing the study and home of a great mage, it was nearly leveled when the minions of the dark lords found and murdered the mage Bealgaralor.

This small woodland temple is home to the druids of Rialdvenn and their worship of the wooded deity called Marashalla. At the solstices, druid from all around the realm travel here to show their devotion to their god

Today the area is under the control and safety of a Trust that ensures this place  should be around for a long time (they signed a lease for 999 years in the last few decades). When it was originally formed as a garden, extensive work was done to create water falls, fountains and other interesting details (the pretend ruined castle) to entice other rich folks to stop by and visit this wonderful and magical location.


5 thoughts on “Hackfall, just waiting to be explored

  1. I love that you find these things- more eye candy for me =) But I do wonder what kind of search criteria you use? “pretty landscapes”- “isolated wonderlands”-“big foggy creek”?

    Either way, I love the results you bring us. Thanks!

    1. Actually, I usually find them through Wikipedia. I love history and so my wanderings tend to lean that way. I believe in this particular case I was reading about the last Russian Emperor (terrible how his family died btw), travelled a bit through the royal families were connected and ended up somewhere around when this land belonged to some such royal dude or something.
      My WikiTrips are the best!

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