iPad Map Test

Ok, work with me here, doing this totally from my new iPad while i am away from home doing some Army training. My wife got me the Mac-daddy of all iPads this week as a going away present and what do i first do with it?

Make a map of course!

The map below took roughly 10 minutes using Adobe Ideas, what it meant to be a quick draft way to make inspirational sketches that come to you. I really dig how it is set up and works, wish it had more options such as textures and layers, but hey, it works on my iPad and I can do work anywhere inspiration hits me, so i cannot complain too much.

This is my second attempt at a map, i couldn’t figure out a way to remove the edge of the drawing as i took a snap shot of my screen (adobe in their wisdom included no export to camera roll option! Morons!)

Below it my very first attempt at mobile ipad map making, not too far removed from my old style, but all made on the iPad.

I just bought the iPad app called Pages, which is a mobile word processor with the ability to export to a PDF, so my next target will be to create the zine completely from the iPad and see what i can do. Once i get settled, odds are i will return to my typical format created on my laptop as it is more robust and powerful than I can do mobile, but in the mean time this is an interesting experiment to try out, and to show the ipad’s power.


6 thoughts on “iPad Map Test

  1. I have to say I am really, really tempted to get an iPad- but I would want whatever mobile choice I make to be capable of handling my blogging (which is pretty word-intensive). Please let me know how your “field test” goes with your version, as I really don’t want to drop $500+ on something that doesn’t do what I want.

    Love the map. It’s really reflective of your style- I like that a lot.

  2. I am stopping work on what was going to be issue 8 (the possessed pumpkins) so I can insert a new issue 8 that will be done entirely on the iPad. Map, artwork (such as it is), and text all done, published and posted to wordpress via my iPad.

    100% iPad goodness.

  3. I redid portions of that first map and have two more rooms to flesh out, the story to write up, a little layout and proofing and I should post it here later this week.
    On the iPad? Very easy to do, still working out some of the kinks, but very simple and could easily do it on the move. I can see some of the limitations of the iPad, my biggest would be I have seen some tablet models that fold so they have one screen up and another down (like a laptop), this seems more natural than using the iPad for major typing and I am not sure I would want to write a book using this thing, but jotting notes, organizing them and photos. I have to say that the Pages App is very powerful, a few more tools added and this thing could rival Word or Google Docs (which I hear we may be able to edit mobile here soon).
    My biggest pet peeve would be that the OS has not been upgraded to 4 yet, so no multitasking and some functionality that I am used to on my iPhone (god, maybe I should get a Mac).

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