Off to the desert!

Yep, the Army has seen fit to send me to the desert again. As such, I will be on the move from place to place, cot to cot, for a few weeks until I get settled at my new home for the next year. Odds are I will have limited to no internet access until that time. So the blog will go quiet for a while (haha sure you guys can use a break!) but I am hoping I will have time to use my creativity spewing forth more rpg stuff.

Over the next year, I am hoping to bring you more issues of Lapsus Calumni, work on my home-brew game world Sylnae, finish up Dungeon Delvers, play many games, and maybe even get some face to face gaming done on the FOB with other soldiers and airmen.

I also wanted to thank those of you who are regular readers of my silly little blog and providing me with feedback on my posts, I really enjoy doing this blog and your comments often make it worth the time I spend.

In any case, I should be back to posting by Thanksgiving, and with all that withdraw from the internet, I should have loads of stuff to talk about. 🙂

See you in a few weeks!


8 thoughts on “Off to the desert!

  1. Thank you everyone for the kind words, between here, Facebook and buzz I am really a bit overwhelmed. I really appreciate it.
    I head out soon (OPSEC and all) so this will probably be my last bit of communication until i am on the other side of the planet. So again, thank you, and see you soon!

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