Back in the action!

I have finally made it to my destination and have started settling in. With any luck I should start posting again on a regular basis once my body adjust to this 9 hour difference in timezone…waking up at 2am is fun only once or twice. I am living on a decent base with nice, if sparse, facilities. Good internet, if ridiculously expensive and limiting! Seriously? 8gb download limit a month….it goes faster than you think it would. No sand storms yet, so that is always good.

I am hoping in the next few weeks to get a game off the ground, at the moment I am thinking something less-than serious, a tad light-hearted, could be a good time. Course, with the holidays on the way, it is always nearly impossible to get anything going, especially something new, but I will give it my best go!


7 thoughts on “Back in the action!

  1. Somewhere along the way I lost track of your blog, and have just finished downloading and printing off the 7 issues of the zine to date.

    Great work!

  2. @loquacious Thanks but really, no need, we have some free phones here I can pretty much use whenever I can get away from work, and I have the Skype unlimited so I can call home from my room. Thank you for the offer, but save your money…fix your car! 😉

    @dysonlogos Thank you! I have two more issues waiting in the wings, just need to get off my butt and complete them (damn it all if I don’t have one completely done except for a single encounter that is just proving my better).

    @Christian/Tim/Harald Thank guys! Luckily where I work I only encounter a few locals we contract for cleaning and stuff. At all times I have a weapon, they have a broom. 😉

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