Happy Turkey Day!

Just a little note to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful day not working, relaxing, watching football, and eating enough to make a small town in Africa envious.

As this is an RPG blog, I need to comment on something RPGish. In sad news, I attempted to update an App on my iPad yesterday, the internet wavered and halted the update. This caused the update to fail and all subsequent attempts to fix it failed. Resulting in me losing the next, all iPad created, issue of Lapsus Calumni.  😦

Damn Steve Jobs.

Edit: Jeez, I am such a looser, I forget to do the mandatory list of giving thanks. I am thankful for my awesome wife of 16 years (who has supported me through my insane career), my two beautiful daughters, my great family, and the life God has given me.


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