Gaming in Iraq

….is dead. Seriously. I thought before coming here that I had a pretty good chance of getting some face 2 face gaming action, but alas, there seems to be none here on the base. I will say that i live on a very small Air Force base here, but damn, aren’t they supposed to be smarter, more intellectual (where as we are just stone faced killers! Hoorah!)?
So in any case it looks like i will be doing some online gaming, not sure the system yet, Dragon Age, Savage Worlds, and Dungeon Slayers have all been mentioned, but my mind keeps reverting to yearning to make another attempt at my own game system. I happened across my “Keeton Must Die!” game I made for the 24hr RPG Contest and I have to say the mechanic is elegant and smooth. Almost makes me want to take that, expand it, smooth it out, and use it.
You see, I am really itching to do some major creative endeavors, and by that I mean to create stuff, lots of stuff. I really want to create my own world again, something I dearly loved doing years ago, a world that is a mix of my favorite genres: fantasy, clockworks, western, weird science, and horror. Those can all be combined, right?
Now, for me to really do this, I need a game. The game seems to focus my energies and push me in the right directions with seemingly little effort. It is a strange thing I guess, I need a game to focus me for creating a world, and I need a world in which to game. I want a world where anything is really possible. You want to play some sort of elven thief that lost an arm in the great war and now has an enchanted one made of wood? Done! A small hobbit like creature that is master scientist that use magically imbued gemstones to power a few metal golem things to help him explore the underworld as he looks for clues to his past? Done! An unusually young pirate type that won an trader airship in a game of creunkel and now is struggling to deal with the rough types that man his ship? Done!

Anyway, back to my never-ending gaming struggle….


3 thoughts on “Gaming in Iraq

  1. I have an AF buddy that just rotated into ‘Stan. He’s a Dark Heresy, Cthulu, Shadowrun sorta guy (also one of the very best mini painters you’ll ever meet). A good Army buddy is in Iraq. He also games. I might be able to help you out…

    Savage Worlds/Solomon Caine sounds like your style of game, dude.

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