Playing with ipad

So, been playing around a little my iPad, finally had some time and managed to tear my mind away from my current “system crisis” I have been having lately.

For this who are keeping track, Risus and the Pool are no longer in favor, Savage Worlds has slipped some, and a new contender Swords & Wizardry:Whitebox has joined the fray!

I have been slowly more and more moving away from my laptop and towards using my iPad for nearly everything, email, browsing the web, Christmas shopping, Skype (hells yeah!) and even playing around with some art and mapping.

While so far i have been able to match my own ability on my laptop, i think the drawing capability is out there, I just have to master the application of it through this medium. Will the iPad ever completely replace my laptop, least mapmaking wise, I am not sure yet, but I certainly think it is a viable means to creating content on the fly.

Thus I give you, another map made using my iPad, this time using Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro, a very nice and full featured drawing app. I think i still prefer Adobe Ideas for my usual barebone maps I like to make, the creation process is just smoother, it could be that Sketchbook Pro just offers so many options that it clouds the creative process for me. This map is pretty bare and plain, but still shows the layering ability pretty well.


4 thoughts on “Playing with ipad

  1. @Gratuitous Saxon Violence. I purchased the game, so if it stinks, you owe me $10. 😉 I figure I could trust you, any Saxon is a friend of mine.

  2. I said LOOK. Didn’t say any thing about BUY…

    But seriously. I’m really loving these rules. The Mentor system didn’t appeal until I read it, now seems such a great way of doing things. And eminently hackable for any setting.

    At least I’m looking at all the tropes of RPGs in new ways since I got these rules.

    I’ll admit the ‘Background’ element was hard to wrap my brain around, especially the ‘been there, done that’ bit.

    Jeremy explained it better than the Swordmaster example on the RPGNET forums. His example was “Female Knight”. Basically the character has gotten past the sheer oddity of her profession in an historical setting. So anytime the characters end up in a new situation where her being a knight would require explanation; instead of wasting the time roleplaying it yet again, you basically hand-wave, everyone accepts her for what she is and move on (well almost everyone; I think it should produce a plot hook now and then). It is open to abuse, but that’s what GMs are for.

    Anyway, I think you’ll enjoy it. It certainly doesn’t stink. And I have, what, the best part of a year to change my identity and hide? Unless you send the wife after me…Hmm. She DID buy you an iPad.

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