Risus: Ring of Thieves

Bored. Yep, Iraq sucks. So I thought I would try my hands at the Risus solo adventure called Ring of Thieves. I have long thought about trying this solo game out, but just never got around to it, I got a few hours to blow, so I figure what the heck, plus, heck, it has a halfling as the main character! For this game I will be using an online die roller called Konkret Web Dice Roller, a nice and easy die roller.

The character provided in the PDF —>

And what follows is my adventure, items in italics are game related notes.

My character Lucas wakes in his room at the inn and realized his snuggle buddy, Patricia, is missing and the window is open. I attempt to stand and fail, my head fuzzy with either a hangover, or something more sinister. I failed my check, go to 20. I guess I wake up later and realize the room has been ransacked, go to 68, then summarily sent to 21. I clear my head and discover a vial with an ad on the side, mentioning an apothecary with reasonable prices.   I am forwarded to 35 and remember a ring in my shoe, thinking a thieves guild might have formed and searched the room for it but failed. I am guessing they did this in hopes of getting the ring as a ransom in exchange for my main squeeze. On to 69 I gather up my gear, including Patricia’s, and decide to head out searching for a trail on to 22. The window ledge provides no clues, so I decide to scamper down and look for other windows that have been disturbed. I snoop around with my Halfing Burglar cliché and easily succeed.

Sneaking along the wall, I overhear some voices and opt to get in closer for a better listen heading to 10. I eavesdrop and hear three people, including a female voice that gets cut off, discussing something to do with the docks and a boat. I lean in to hear more and barely make my check. They don’t hear me and when I finally hear the female speak I realize it is not my beloved Patricia. I move along the ledge first to 83 then to 90 discovering nothing but the cold and icy ledge. So our story moves to the tavern on the first floor.

I am greeted with three persons I can speak with: a sailor, another Halfling and a grey-robed fellow. I, of course, pick the halfling. 😉 And immediately wish I had not, apparently we have a history and I hate this schmuck. I ditch him immediately and seek out the grey-robed fellow going to 71, needing a drink first, I resist punching the barkeep after a comment about my height,  then head over to his table. Only, he is not a he and is in fact a blind woman! Given the quirkiness of S. John Ross, I figure that perhaps this bland woman is useful and so I opt to speak with her, heading to 103. And it pays off! She knows of the guild and inquires as to why I want to know about them, I decide to test fate again and tell her the truth..without giving up too much information turning to 38. Again fate pays me fortune and she tells me where to look and even knows the password to enter the Iron Keel’s secretive den of thieves! I am sent to 95, but having spoken to two people already I am then forwarded on to 56.

I begin to head towards the door and am suddenly hit with a haunting whisper that floats upon the air, whispering my name! Suddenly I realize the ring in my pocket is glowing. Seeking a alley, I study the ring and discover it is possessed by a small spirit named Xim that wishes me to wear the ring. Not fooled by this silliness, the revelation of his enemy the “Red Djinn” and his persuading chatter, I drop the ring back in my pocket and continue my search for Patricia. Annoyed by this attempt by fate to sway my course, I kick up my heels and head towards the docks and the Iron Keel, on to entry number 3 and then to 39. The docks are icy and dirty, still crowded with people despite the cold.

A few moments later, I realize I am being followed by my enemies and opt to turn and face the scum! I head for an empty alley, turn on my heels, draw my blade, and wait for them. As they come around the corner, they are ready for me. I zig when I should have zagged and end up sliding across a patch of ice, leaving me wobbly and off balance as the sum moves in for the kill! I attack him with my Fun loving Mercenary 3 versus his Nameless Thug 3, getting an 11 to his 14. Dropping my cliché to a 2. Feeling like fate is still at my side, I continue with my cliché and attempt to strike again. Using my nimble agility, honed by hours spent running along rooflines and narrow ledges, I use the momentum to spin and roll across his back as he bends over to stab me. I land squarely behind him and plant a size 3 boot in his rear, throwing him off balance! I managed to roll a 9 against his 5! Now we are back on even footing with each of having a 2 in our cliché. He spins and lunges at me, but the ice, and no doubt, my skills get the better of him. As he lunges for me, I dive for his knees and knock his feet out from under him, dropping him onto the hard, cold cobblestones. I get a lucky roll again with an 8 against his 5, dropping him to just one left in his cliché. I stand over him, flip my blade around and pound him on the forehead, he’ll have a headache when he wakes up. Again a solid defeat with a 7 against his 3, I have bested my first foe! I spin around to see the second thug, no having serious doubts about his chances against a superior nimble, and small, foe. I make the first move and dive between his legs, going for a surprise. I get the jump on him with another 7 against his 6, barely getting the better of him. Now behind him, I spin and sweep his feet out from under him. He crashes to the road, his head bouncing off the stone and sending him sleeping. My 11 easily beats his 3 and drops his cliché to zero. I have my first battle won! I search them, finding nothing but their dagger are of any value, then head back onward to my destination, heading to 105.

As I stroll along the streets, Xim starts speaking to me again, trying to tempt to place the ring on my finger, claiming he only wants to wipe out the grey-suits and defeat the Red Djinn. He has mentioned this twice now, and has piqued my interests. I tell him to hurry with his tale as I have a short journey to rescue Patricia. On to 121. Xim tells me a story about the thieves and wanting to defeat them, but I cannot trust this spirit and he waves me off saying that I can call if I need him, then he fades from view. On to the Iron Keel! On to 4.

As I approach the tavern, a raven floats down and begins harassing me, but I press onward and choose to ignore the damned bird. Continue to 59. The tavern is a disgusting mess of a place. I push forward and find the barkeep on to 15, ask him quickly about William and am directed to the lamp door. He reminds me to us the password I learned from the blind woman. I reward him with a coin. On to 13. I enter what appears to be a den of thieves, with grey-cloaks playing games in a back room. Luckily no one recognizes me. I find the door and knock, but a hand roughly grabs me and pulls me into darkness! On to 76 “Password!’ a voice demands of me from the dark, I search my memory and remember “Bokoru” from the blind woman.

And, well shit, I guess it was a trap. A knife finished me off in the darkness. 🙂

That was interesting, if somewhat disappointing I guess. Poor little Lucas is dead, but hey, was a fun little solo adventure, can’t win them all!


5 thoughts on “Risus: Ring of Thieves

  1. Dang, you read fast! Yeah, I guess the blind lady was a setup to protect the secret entrance to the lair. Maybe tomorrow (if I am likewise bored) I will try a different password and see how far Lucas can make it.

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