Risus: In Her Majesty’s Service

So we have begun preparations for our upcoming Risus Victorian Alternate History Steampunk (gosh that is a long genre!) I have wanted to run for a long time. I have  four players lined up and they have submitted all their characters (think we still have a few doing last minute finalizations on theirs, but for the most part now we are simply waiting for the holidays to end and for people to settle back down and get back to normal life.

To help the players get the right sort of mindset for this game, and since it is Risus AND a made up alternate history setting, I thought it prudent to make up a few handouts for the players. What I initially thought would be a page or some of stuff, ended up expanding a little more. So I post these here now for you to view. Remember these are simply meant for the players and not generally made for consumption by the general public, many ideas were borrowed, all the art is off of Google, etc, etc.

The first is a short primer on Risus and making the characters for the game.

Risus-In Her Majestys Service (character creation)

The second piece is a short “World Guide” on what the world looks like, some major changes, the countries that are around. This is meant to just be a short bit of information on the world to help the players make characters. Nothing too fancy, and nothing too amazing.

In Her Majestys Service-World Guide

Anyway, enjoy if you wish. One of the players and I are knee deep in a Play By Email solo game that has been going well this last week (despite the best efforts of the jerks who run my internet over here). This PBM has helped me flesh out some ideas and inspired me to add a few in as the game goes along. Soon, we will post the characters for the game as well as the PBM log (ten pages in Word already!) for everyone to read. I included all the in game details as well as some game mechanic details, so those interested in Risus and how we are using it in this PBM might find it interesting. Till then…toodles!


One thought on “Risus: In Her Majesty’s Service

  1. Just read the intro and I must say that I *really* like you method of character advancement. I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen that particular method.

    Setting is sweet, of course, and very economically presented. 🙂

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