Devin’s Tokens

I was wandering about the net this evening and came across a web app for an iPad application via Christian’s site called RPG Cartographer that seems very spiffy, but what caught my eye was that it used tokens created by none other than Devin, an old friend of mine. Unfortunately, as time went on, I moved, changed games, changed game systems and such, we parted ways and I have not spoken to him in ages! We worked together for a good long time on a web site some of you might have heard called Four Ugly Monsters, he and I were founding members and we shared a good amount of success prior to going our separate ways.

Anyway, I wanted to drop a mention here that he now has a blog up about his tokens and you can take a gander (really, you should, they are that good) and even purchase some. Appears he is still doing freelance as well professional work and even does commissions for artwork. Check these out, very very cool:


You really should check his blog out, some very good artwork and especially if you use VTTs for your gaming needs, he may just have some tokens for you to use.


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