Risus: IHMS: Lincoln V. Erickson

When I first decided I was going to run a Risus game in the IHMS setting, I was actually a little unsure if the guys I knew would want to play in the game. I have begun, started, and faltered far too many times with Risus. Far too many times with these very same guys. Through no fault but my own, I have just struggled to get a Risus game off the ground. The guys I contacted about the game all jumped at the chance to game and shortly characters began to roll in. Here I present Bryan’s character, the first one that rolled in and an excellent example of what I like in the character’s he makes. A great back story with lots of little bits for me to expound upon.

Without further adieu, Mr Lincoln Vaughn Erickson:

Lincoln Vaughn Erickson
Crafty Engineer (4)
– Repairing, building, designing, other engineering things
Small Man, Big Guns (3)
– Shooting, gun making, gun repair, all sorts of artillery weapons.
Clockwork Robot Companion “Dex” (2)
– Carry things, beat down doors, pound on stuff

Lincoln is obsessed with, what he calls, other tech.  He knows it exists thanks to his position in the navy, and he has a compulsive desire to find it.  That is why he quit the navy and is working on his own gunship.  He doesn’t know if it is ancient tech, otherworld tech, or some other explainable tech, but he knows it exists, he’s seen it with his own eyes…

Lincoln worked for the navy for most of his adult life.  He always enjoyed being an engineer.  Working on new designs, or repairing old ones, it really didn’t matter to him.  He got to work on his own stuff in his off time, and that gave him great joy.  One day, the navy brought in a “device” for him to inspect.  It was like nothing he had ever seen before.  He did his best to try to figure out how it worked and what exactly it did, but in the end, the navy didn’t give him enough time.  The took it away and without explanation about what it was or were it came from, they reminded him that he was not to speak or ask about it again.

Lincoln kept thinking about it though, he ended up drawing as much as he could remember of it and even tried to build some of it, using what he could.  Eventually, the parts of he was building and his drawings were seen by some “higher-ups” and they were confiscated and Lincoln was re-assigned to work elsewhere.  That was enough for him.  He worked long enough to have enough money to buy an old junker gunship, then he quietly and sneakingly buddied up to other navy guys that had brought in the device.  They of course didn’t know what he was up to, but eventually he found out things like, where they had brought the device from, what rumors they had heard about it, and where the most probable locations were where it was found.  Once he was sure he got all the information he could, he quit the service and has been working to get his gunship running.  As soon as he is able, he will make his way out to the locations and look for more of the tech.  Until then, he is taking odd jobs here and there, and keeping his ear out for rumors…

my dual pistols, my wreck of a gunship(not yet running), my engineer lab, my trusty extendable wrench.

Corporal Edward Tullos, master of inventory at the near by base.
Lily Enderson, local supply shop owner.
Rend Mckinnet, port master at the local air docks


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