Get Lost in Wormworld

Just a short post from me tonight as I am about to head to bed, but I found this very cool site and thought I should pass it along. It is a webcomic, in a format that is very cool and one I had never seen before. One long scrolling image.

It is a personal project of a German artist and a engaging one, I cannot wait to see the future chapters, though it seems like it will be quite a wait, this one took a full year to complete.

Anyway, check out a few images from the creator’s blog and be sure to read the chapter and spread the word. I plan on donating to this project as soon as I get some funds loaded into Paypal. If we can get enough support, the artist may be able to quit his day job and produce this work full time…which would be a great thing.



Next is an early version of a world map, looks great, no?

Another great piece showing the hero of our story, showing how he will be transported into a fantastical world.

And lastly, this is the one that caught my eye, an excellent piece showing our hero trapped by some nasty villains in the forest. Is it me, or does this just scream Risus Fantasy to you??

To find out more, see the Wormworld Exhibition, check out the Author’s Blog or read Chapter 1!


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