Waterworld RPG

I feel somewhat bad about this one, really a blog post about another blog post, but this is such a little gem I figured, what the hell. A confession first however.The movie Waterworld I actually like….ok, how many of you are still reading?

Hehe. Seriously though, I think it has some very cool elements and ideas, even though the cult and it’s leader are ridiculous and almost annoyingly stupid.

So today I stumbled upon a blog where the writer had created his own version of the movie as an RPG, and if you read this you know how often I tinker with RPG systems and creating settings and such. So when I stumbled upon the site and started digging a little, I found some really interesting things. This Waterworld RPG was the first thing that jumped out at me from the blog.

The author really has a nice little gem here, he does the art himself (he published a web comic back in the early 2000s) and the atmosphere is perfect for a light hearted game lover like me. It evokes a sort of fun and imaginative game that would be a blast to play.

Click here to visit the blog.

Here we have a terrible sea monster!

The author has provided a nice short system document that does a great job filling in all the details on the system and how to play in it’s 14 pages. He has also provided a character sheet for use as well. The guy even used his artwork for the playing pieces to use as minis for the players.

I can just imagine the players when he pulled those out and began setting them up on the table, you just have to know all manner of fun is on the way. The fun and easy way the characters are drawn just makes me think of a Risus game, sorry, it just does. He also provided recorded audio of the game (unfortunately i am working on my ipad at the moment and unable to download these at the moment).

I have included a few more of his images to give you a feel of the game:


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