Geomorphology…it was bound to happen

It was bound to happen eventually, RisusMonkey, Dyson Logos…hell, seems like everyone is doing it these days. 🙂

So, I have my iPad and been loving it (despite my early review of it) and one of the awesome things about it is the artwork that is being created using various apps. I have made a few maps, and was well on my way to becoming a regular contributor of the iPad art revolution, albeit in a very minor way, when work struck. Tonight I found myself doing laundry and decided enough was enough. I set out to make a geomorph! I searched high and low to find an app that would allow me to resize a piece of artwork, my favorite, Adobe Ideas failed to allow me to do this. I tried Sketchbook Pro, my second favorite art app, it too failed me. In walked an inexpensive and unknown candidate, Artstudio. Not as powerful or robust, but hey, it allows me to resize images!

Thus, my first geomorph was born!

Now, I will freely admit, it is not nearly as good as others out there, but with a little practice and tweaking, never know!


4 thoughts on “Geomorphology…it was bound to happen

  1. Thanks! I must admit, I have been bitten by the bug, I have already refined it and fixed up the edges to create a much more cohesive edging. Already made two more, will post them when complete. Maybe I will create the first geomorph set created on the iPad.

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