Zine News: Qwellian’s Journal

Well, Christian from Destination Unknown has done it to me again. He started up a physical zine he produces called One Square Equal 5 Feet (or as we like to call it OSE5F), I asked to be added to his mailing list and he very nicely has since sent me the first three issues of the little zine. They are very interesting and well done and it is certainly cool to get something in the mail these days that is SOMETHING GOOD. Holding it in your hands, you can get a feel for the author that you just cannot get through a digital blog on a website. He had spoken about the feeling of creating something real, something physical, something you can hold in your hands and I will wholeheartedly agree with him.

Before deploying I had purchased some Moleskin notepads based off a recommendation from another friend of mine, Brennen. Originally I had purchased these with the idea of doodling maps like the ones I had produced for Lapsus Calumni (which is not dead btw, just on hold). I had brought my iphone with me to taken photos of the maps to then clean up in Fireworks, but my wife surprised me with an ipad, and I had made a deal with my oldest daughter that if I got my hands on an ipad, she could have my iphone while I was in iraq. Oops, no way to scan the maps I would make, silly me!

Additionally, once I got settled in Iraq I realized quickly that I was going to be extremely busy here, not to mention my beloved iPad failed me and crashed the first all-made on the iPad version of the zine into nothingness. Since then I have been somewhat reluctant to spend a day or two working on something…call it stress and mental exhaustion if you will from work. I just had zero left in my creative fuel tank for the last three months.

Enter Christian’s little zine and my Moleskin notepads. I can easily travel with one of these anywhere I go and doodle any idea I think up along the way. Now, right now I have no way to copy a slew of prints of the zine without raising some eyebrows, but once again Christian stepped in! He offered to include my little zine with his when he mails it out. A great honor to be included, but I suppose one could say added value for those who sign up for his zine…a little bit created by me!

I completed volume one last week and mailed it off to him and just today I finished volume two, probably put in the mail on Monday, along with a little bit of funds to help support Christian. I managed to make a copy, albeit a really crappy one, before I sent it off to him, so at some point down the road they might appear here on the blog, but for the time being, the only way to get your hands on them is to head over to Destination Unknown and sign up for OSE5F. Remember, the traditional currency of physical zines is something in return, a little dough, stamps, or your own work returned to the sender. So be sure if you sign up, that you plan to reciprocate something back to Christian for supporting our hobby with his creative work.


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