Geomorph #3

High off the success of my Old School Hack session last night, the encouragement of three of the four players I bumped into today, and the desire to be creative again, I came home from dinner, planning on watching another episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and instead spent about twenty minutes doodling up another geomorph. This one is rather simple, merely a bunch of twisting and turning tunnels that would serve no purpose but to confuse any player making maps. Toss in a few sneaky goblins and yourplayers are screwed.

On another note, I purchased “The Complete Symphonies of Beethoven” yesterday on a whim (damn I love when people send me iTunes gift cards!) and this is some exceptional inspiring music! Maybe it is just me, but I found myself feeling rather creative when the music starts, and since there are no lyrics or a music video or even really a celebrity (let’s not get into a discussion on whether or not he should be considered one or not) to influence your mental ‘vision’ of the music, your mind just relaxes and opens up. Musical Inspiration to get those creative juices boiling again. Check out Symphony 7 in A Minor, Opera 92: II. Allegretto…..that is good stuff!

And here we have geomorph #3:


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