LCB – Posters made for my office

I have always loved the so called LCB or Little Cartoon Bastards from the Risus RPG. Well yesterday I got inspired at work and pulled out a thick black sharpie and went to work.

The first one happened during one of my more witty moments when someone came in and asked for something “immediately” that they had known about for a good while and wanted me to drop everything and solve their problem. The guy was a little surprised when the below happened. Some people say I am mean.  😉

This next one is a response to the Army’s Cultural Awareness program. Essentially they force everyone to go to these presentations on various cultures so we are more receptive to other’s culture…or some bullshit they made up. Either way I hate them. Yeah, great, your culture of _______ did this, so what? My response has always been “So, when is the White European Cultural Observance again?” They always tell me it is every other day but the one we are currently focusing on.

Well, I got tired of that answer and told my commander last month as he instructed me that I would attend the Black History Observance that I would attend when the Army recognized Viking Cultural Month! Was good for a laugh and he said it would be funny. Then I told him it was cool, so long as I was not held responsible for the ensuing raping and pillaging that would come with it. Below is my first ever promotional poster for the Viking Cultural Observance!

Its a little rough and I was planning on doing another version of it, but the spontaneousness creativeness is something I do not want to mess with, so I doubt I will redo it.


2 thoughts on “LCB – Posters made for my office

  1. Viking helmets didn’t have horns….

    Obviously, you aren’t taking Viking Cultural Observance Day seriously. I’ll have to put a note in your personnel file.

  2. Yeah I know, but if I took away the horns some moron would say “that’s a Viking? Dude, put horns on him!” i figured i will help out the stupid people a little.

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