Geomorph #4

I have not mentioned this previously, but I thought I should make a note of this. All these geomorphs I have been making are 100% made and published via my iPad. I am using an app called Artstudio that is pretty robust, allows for layers, copy and pasting, and resizing. All these tools were necessary to get the geos to where I wanted them, easily and efficiently. So far it does everything  I wanted Adobe Ideas or Sketchbook Pro (mobile) to do…and way more.

So far I have not ventured out too far with these geos I have made, but I can feel the need to certainly make a unique geo, or at least something that sort of ‘steps up the ante’ so I am thinking I will publish a few, just to get a good solid base, a decent selection, and theI will start working on some more unique geos to add flavor and effect. Unlike others who have had a lofty goal of 100 in a year…I know my own limits and there is no way I will stick with this once it has burned through my system. Hey, at least I am honest, right? I am instead going to strive for simply making…some.

Here is geo-04:


2 thoughts on “Geomorph #4

  1. Thanks! I really like the idea of creating these here and there, with no overarching plan. Not to mention these are uber simple for me to make, so expect more in the future!

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