Lapsus Calumni 8 – Timble’s Treasures

I found myself rather surprised this evening. As many of you know, I am currently stationed in Iraq and as such am very far from home. Imagine my surprise as I turned a corner on my way to room and found a rather familiar, bare-footed fellow leaning against a concrete wall smoking his pipe. I would be remiss if I failed to admit that I may have squealed like a little girl upon seeing my old friend.

As it turns out, he had missing me as well and had been searching for the last few months to locate me. Apparently a visit to my surprised, and none to happy wife, had left him with a bruised and blackened eye. I will have to speak with her regarding this.

We shook hands, he marveled at us living “so well in the middle of the desert”, and I invited him to the local pizza shop (yes, we have one here). While the pizza is not the best, it is decent for the middle of Iraq and more importantly, the Iraqis inside would not care about the strangely dressed short man with me. As we caught up on old times and the latest happenings in our lives, he turned to the story of Timble Fudderton, a close cousin of his who made a living as a merchant. No doubt this was inspired by my discussion of the Iraq merchants who made their living off of the US Soldiers currently stationed along with me.

I thought his tale and a few bits of information might be of interest to my readers and had him draw up a quick map and a few notes on Timble’s business. The preceding story is one he related to me as he drew the map.

Editor’s note –
After far too long of a delay I have finally managed to produce another issue of Lapsus Calumni, this being now the eighth issue released. This one is special because it has been created entirely on my iPad. The maps were created directly in ArtStudio, text was typed in Pages, PDF was created using Pages, and even this blog post was created using the WordPress app for iPad. Only thing I could not do was upload the PDF to the blog due to not being able to access the iPad like a removable hard drive(very annoying) and select the file to upload. All in all, I feel this was successful, pretty easy for me to do, and I am planning on producing more of these in the future.

Click here to download Lapsus Calumni number eight.


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