Lapses Calumni 9 – The Green Talon

I was again graced with Snikle’s presence this evening. I had driven to the other side of the base, a considerable distance anyone who has travelled around Victory Base Complex will vouch for. The sun was just beginning to set and when I first spotted him, I was sure my eyes were fooling me, but there he was. I pulled over my NTV (that’s non-tactical vehicle for all you non-army guys out there, in laymen’s terms: the F150) and picked him up. I noticed he was not dressed as he normally is, this time he was rather bare, his breeches and a white shirt, I did not say anything. I also noted he was wet. We shook hands and mixed pleasantries before he finally broke down and told me why he was here.

“That damned lass, she had explained she was without husband,” he absently rubbed his chin which was a shade darker red than normal. I assumed it had met with a fist earlier in the day. “Mind if I visit for a bit, need some time to clear the air.”

I of course said it would not be a problem and managed to find a secluded area we could stop for a bit. Luckily I had planned on being out longer and had packed a cooler with a sandwich and sodas. I apologized for not having his favorite Schmirnoff and handed his a root beer (his second favorite drink, he has good tastes). I brought up the topic of his appearance as we sipped the drink.

“Me clothes? Ah, yes, not my usual fine self today,” he rolled his eyes slightly. “I had stopped at a fine rest along the road as I was heading to Tywin, a inn named The Green Talon. She was a beauty, this Sarahinda, long flowing hair, just a tad more blonde than red, soft too. She had noticed me pipes.” I should add here, Snik is an avid and skilled, bagpipe musician. I have heard more than a few songs while visiting with him out on my deck. “She wanted certain songs to be played, certain songs well known for their less than polite meaning. These she requested and made certain…signs that she wanted more than music from me.”

I chuckled at the site of this beauty lavishing over a hobbin, a slightly chubby hobbin at that, and had a feeling where this story would be turning. Knowing Snikle fairly well, I gather he must have been sharing a drink or two.

“Needless to say, she omitted various facts about her marital status, and the fact that her husband was due any moment,” he smiles slightly, surely remembering the lovely Sarahinda. “She also failed to mention her husband was travelling from Tywin and expected at the inn early the next morning. Needless to say, a jump out a second story window and a plummet into the cold Gretebe River and, well, here I am. Ways I see it, he probably cannot follow me here…”

Explore The Green Talon (Lapsus Calumni issue 9)


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