Christian, I copy thee…

…far too often. Well damn it all. When I first found Christian’s excellent blog Destination Unknown I came across a post regarding a campaign he had run quite a while ago and mentions a map he had commissioned by a Dan Smith. The style was very interesting and appealing, plus it just had a certain flair to it that hinted at an interesting world. I asked if he had the original…I really, really liked it. Unfortunately time had taken it’s toll and the gremlins had stolen the map away to unknown lands. I saved it to my laptop, mulled on it a while and then forgot it. Below is his map as Christian showcased on his blog.

A few days ago I was wandering around my hard drive and came across the map again. Lately I have been exploring the iPad’s ability as a gaming tool, specifically in regards to my ability to make maps and issues of Lapsus Calumni completely on it. I have been wanting to do a region map for an upcoming issue and have been looking for just the right style. My desire to be creative made me want to do something that could be in the vein of something that the players might pick up from a local mapmaker in Croftminster or Aywick, or perhaps even something ol’ Snik might make himself.

I came across the map, saved months ago on the hard drive and thought, “That’s it!” Not content to just make a map, I wanted to make one in that style, get the style down quickly so I could make more than one (and sort of fit in that old school feel along with the previous maps I had made), and just for fun, I wanted to make it entirely on my iPad! A seemingly tall order, yet here it is:

I will apologize right here and now for plagiarizing the map completely, I just wanted to see if I could freehand the style on the fly. This map took me about 25 minutes to get the style, color, and feel right, then about another 15 to draw the map out. Is it perfect? No. Does it come close to matching the style and feel of the original? I think so. There are some portions that will need some working, most notably the forests, I am just not happy with how they turned out. The text for names of locations and such will have to be done on the laptop, the iPad just does not support cool fonts, or easy placement of text on the artwork yet, but other than than, completely done on my iPad. Not too bad, I will think on this and decide if this is the style I want to use for region maps in Lapsus Calumni.

A second thought: Anyone recognize that font?


6 thoughts on “Christian, I copy thee…

  1. I don’t recognize the font, but I’m going to suggest something scary: try hand lettering. It’ll give your maps an extra dimension of authenticity you won’t be able to get any other way, and it would be easy enough to do on an iPad with a stylus.

  2. Thanks everyone! I am hoping to work on a regional map this weekend for my zine that will use this style and cover some of the areas I have mentioned throughout the zine: Croftminster, Tywin, and Aywick. I have a 16 hour flight next week back to the states, so I should have plenty of time to work on an issue or two of the mag.
    Nakia, I highly recommend the ArtStudio app, it is by far the best i have used, Sketchbook Pro comes close but it just does not have the versatility AS does. I recommend Pages as well, it makes creating documents very easy. Goodreader is a necessity for any gamer, read all your PDFs with ease wherever you go.
    Christian, thanks for the comment, I just loved that map, had to steal it!

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