Geomorph #6

Editor’s Note: Dave Millar has asked to include my tiles in his awesome geomorph mapper app: I, of course said “Hell yes!” This means my tiles will be included with the masters such as Dyson Logos and Risus Monkey! I am honored to be included with fellows of such renown and stature among the gaming crowds. Very cool!

For my next geomorph I wanted to stretch out a little, expand my scope, so to speak. Additionally, I recently ran a game of Old School Hack, a game that discards the traditional idea of grids, squares, hexes, or measured movement in favor of a system using arenas. Arenas can basically be any area that is similar and can be distinguished from another area for whatever reason. Thus, I wanted to make a tile that would take advantage of this system and would have easily identifiable arenas for any new player of the awesome game.

I ended up creating a single large cavern with a deep ravine. In the ravine I placed two raised areas and threw in a thin ledge along the western side. I figure the players will have to be creative to devise a way to cross the gulf between entrances on the various sides. An enterprising GM could be creative and throw in all sorts of cavern creatures to cause hapless adventurers nothing but trouble as they struggle to cross the divide.

Enjoy, geomorph six!


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