Sylnae – Campaign Character Roll Up

In my many wanderings about the net, I often search for leftovers, bits and pieces of what I have created that somehow are still floating around out there on the net. My favorite search? The World of Sylnae. Just holds a speacial place in my heart I guess and I wish I could find someone that managed to save everything that I had posted. Tonight I wandered some more and found the following details about a campaign I ran ages ago. I detailed some of the characters and the adventure they had gone through so far.

The Thursday Night Game

Our Thursday night game has been running off and on for about six months, with a long hiatus for an experiment into the world of sci-fi gamining in the Serenity universe. Our game started on the western coast of the Earldom of Rivgen, in the port city of Aywick. The group was hired to travel upstream to Whyckham and solve a mystery there involving suspected Werewolves. Our heroes managed to save the day, and in the end befriended a man of the royal line, Lord Osric. After Lord Osric had knighted our group, he was told of the assassination of his father, the Duke of Rivgen. After Lord Osric’s departure from Whyckham, our heroes settled into their new home, the former Maccus Manor.

Dramatis Personae

Below is a short bit of information on the various persons that have graced our little group during the course of our game.

Helse Brannon

Place of Birth : Binham, Earldom Rivgen
Human Male Ranger

Helse was born in the town of Binham to a merchant in the town named William Brennon and his wife Helen. William ran a small store in the town for a number of years before and after the birth of his son.

The family led a good life there for a long time, but when Helse was 10 years old, during a pretty bad drought, a fire raged through the town and the Brannon family home was caught in the fire. Everyone was able to get out, but Helse was caught in the fire for a long time, and received burns over a large portion of his body, including his upper body and face. Healers in the town were able to save Helse’s life, but the burns have left scars to this day. The family stayed in Binham for a year after the fire, and truth was, life had not changed much for them after they rebuilt.

William was able to purchase a large trading boat, but found that he was unable to make any real profit in Binham with it. This is when he decided to move his family to Aywick. There he would be able to purchase lumber and ore that was brought down the river and move it to other ports to sell for a profit. His plan worked out, after a large investment to move their and get his trading started, he began to make a large profit and the family prospered.

Though the family was doing well, Helse wasn’t able to make any friends in the town. Everyone seems to fixate on his scars. Other children would bully him, and adults would whisper about him as he passed. This went on for a number of years until Helse was 16 and met an old woodsman, named Jeff Thornton who took him in and taught him about how to survive in the wilderness.

After a few years of learning from Jeff, he recommended Helse to the captain of the Aywick town guard. They had been looking for some new scouts to keep an eye on any hostile groups moving towards the area. Helse was performing this job for a while when he was called into the captains office one day and told that he was to go with a group up river to investigate reports of strange occurrences.

That day he found himself on a boat headed towards Whyckham with a group that he had not met previously…


Place of Birth : Kernton, Earldom Rivgen
Human Male Fighter

Faldran was born in the very small town of Kernton near the Earldom Rivgen area. His father was a merchant (Kristof) and mother (Margret) took care of him at home. At the age of five his parents were killed by an owlbear looking for some food. Luckily Faldran survived this encounter. His uncle, took him in, and took care of him. Uncle Berny was a woodsman, and knew his way around the woods quite well. He taught Faldran the ways of the woods, and the animals within, also teaching him, tracking, hunting and all things related to above ground and below ground survival.

When Faldran was fifeteen his uncle was mauled by winter wolves, but this time Faldran was able to help fight them off. He stayed with us uncle for a while after that, doing much of the hunting and caring for the old man, but recently his uncle passed away.

Without much keeping him in the small town of Kernton, he decided to go out and adventure. On his first outing he found out quickly he has no enjoyment of the sea, and no sea legs to stand on. Luckily he made it to shore alive and found people to travel with and learn about the world.

Craw Hammerfist

Birthplace: Hammerhold in the Glengorm mountains of Daenenbraig.
Ghim Male Cleric

Hammerhold is the ancestral home of two ghim clans, clan Hammerfist and clan Valehaunt. Both clans primarily live above ground in a group of connected valleys high in the Glengorms. Clan Hammerfist has more extensive underground holdings for storage, defense and deep-winter shelter. While the caves of Hammerhold extend to clan Valehaunt holdings, Valehaunts winter aboveground in large stone and mortar halls. Twice in living memory have the Valehaunts retreated into Hammerhold. Once for defense and once to escape a particularly brutal winter. The two clans have intermarried to the point that clan distinction is more a descriptor of where one lives, rather than lineage.

Craw Hammerfist is the second son of Thormas Hammerfist, a respected ghim armorsmith. Craw’s older brother, Nail, is bound for the family forge, leaving Craw in the position of most ghim younger siblings — seeking to forge a new path. Craw’s stint in the Hammerhold patrol gave some indication of the path he would tread.

Eschewing the typical ghim waraxe for a warhammer, Craw endured several seasons of mostly good-natured ribbing from the patrol leader. Craw’s temper finally got the best of his tongue and led to his apprenticeship to the clan priest. During a particularly heated debate over the relative virtues of the axe over the hammer (taking place during a pitched battle with orc raiders) Craw opined that “IF IT BE GOOD ENOUGH FER ODANN, IT BE GOOD ENOUGH FER ME! ME FURTHER COMMENTS ON THE SUBJECT WILL BE BLUNT!” At which he splashed an orc skull with such ferocity that his patrol leader decided Craw’s devotion to the hammer was a sign that he was touched. Perhaps by Odann, but certainly touched nonetheless. Such things being the province of priests, Craw began a brief apprenticeship in
the clergy.

His apprenticeship to the priest of Odann was fruitful, but it quickly became apparent that Craw was meant to explore, not tend a flock. With the blessings of his priest, his patrol leader and his father, Craw left Hammerhold to see the world as an itinerant warrior-priest. So it was that Craw found himself alone, approaching a ruined watchtower in the lowering light, a sense of foreboding growing as evil approached from behind…

Tyler Rennick

Place of Birth :
Human Female Monk

Tyler grew up in the household of Lord Osric of hte Earldom of Rivgen. There are rumors around her lineage that have not been confirmed, but most say that Tyler’s unwavering loyalty to Lord Osric is tied to events that link her family to Osric’s family. Tyler strives to become an Inquisitor, and relishes in her role as one who can uncover the truth no matter what the cost. Tyler’s beauty is apparent to any that cross her path, yet her stern nature rarely invites a second glance.

Lord Osric is Tyler’s mentor and father figure. Her sole purpose at this time is to discover what is behind the recent events that nearly brought about the death of her lord.

Lord Geoffrey Theadford

Place of Birth : Whitehall, Earldom Rivgen
Human Male Fighter

Geoffrey was born into a long line of nobility in the Rivgen Earldom. As a child he was schooled with and friend of Lord Osric. However as time wore on and family stature became more of paramount than childish peering Geoffrey and Osric went their seperate ways.

As Geoffrey entered his later teens, his father Leod passed on of old age leaving the family estate and the care of his mother Cwen in the hands of his older brother Aethel.This left Geoffrey with no other altenative but to seek his fate in the Earldoms military servivce. This gave Geoffrey his own chance to shine true as he quickly passed ranks due to his inherent skills and noble heritage. Even word of Geoffreys’ accomplishments had made it’s way to the ears of the Duke and his son and once friend Lord Osric. Proving that old friendships die hard, Lord Osric, having his fathers ear, had Geoffrey promoted to become one of the Dukes personal guards. While Geoffrey was on leave the Duke was assasinated,leaving Geoffrey in turmoil blaming himself for not being present to thwart the attempt.From this point Geoffrey swore that no person would pass through Lord Osrics’ house without his leave.

Lord Osric however had different plans for Geoffrey, a personal asignment that has yet to reveal itself and chance for Geoffrey to loose his guilt. And in Geoffreys’ mind, restore the Theadford name back into good graces.

Former Members of our group

The following is more information on those who have served valiantly shoulder to shoulder with our group. Though they no longer tread the pathes with us, they live on in our memory.


Place of Birth : Glengorm Mountains
Ghim Male Cleric

Born in a small mining town high in the Glengorm Mountains above the town of Whyckham. Garith was still a small child when his town was destroyed and those in it were killed. Barly surviving the towns destruction and the loss of an eye, Garith grew up wandering the Glengorm Moutains. Living out of the ruins of his town tending to the graves of towns people, he spent his time teaching him-self about the God Aesir. Garith would come down from the mountains only to buy a few supplies and help the locals in the town of Whyckham when he could.

This last trip down into the town of Whyckham had him helping the town in a way he never had before. And now he has somehow ended up as the Captain of the town guard.


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