Movie Pitch: Target Atlanta

So, I am sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for my final flight home on R&R, I love classical music, especially when reading and so right now I currently have a mix of Amadeus, Beethoven, and James Horner (the Braveheart soundtrack) blasting in my headphones. Real epic stuff.

I used to day dream about bad guys taking over my school and a few of us banding together to stop them when the police failed or refused to. Guess it runs in my veins or something. So I sit here and a thought crossed my mind, probably due to the news on TV right now about Japan’s nuclear reactors and the situation I am in right now. So here goes, my movie pitch.

A group of Soldiers making their way home on R&R land in the Atlanta airport, while waiting for a connecting flight. At the same time, terrorists have devised a plot to set off a nuke at the airport, perfect target, take out loads of people. Work out some elaborate plan, the bomb coming in on a international cargo flight (they happen more than you realize). In the course of events, something goes wrong and the airport gets alerted, perhaps some American who was helping them gets cold feet or some such angle. Either way, the airport gets alerted there is a bomb and the evacuation begins.

Enter our heroes. A group of Soldiers get caught in a crossfire between the local police and the terrorists, perhaps a few are injured/killed. This riles them up and one steps forward….the NCO in me says it needs to be a sergeant, but I know Hollywood and they like officers, so he would probably be some Special Forces captain or something…god Hollywood sucks. Anyway, I prefer a group of junior Soldiers led by a sergeant or two. They take up the weapons from the police/swat guys and use their training to start kicking ass, Army style!

Now, lets say one terrorist survives and they question him, yep, a nuke, not a normal bomb. They make a call to alert the authorities, but then the terrorist reveals they only have 30 minutes till it goes off. Now realizing that they cannot run, they have to stay and fight, hell, they gave their word to defend the country they love…right? “Not on my watch” and “Yippie kia-ya, mofo!” and all that. Off we go on a shoot ’em up, race agains the clock. I think in the end the sergeant (damn straight I said ‘the sergeant’) ends up giving him life to save everyone and stop the bomb from going off.

Fuck ya! I love America. 😉



3 thoughts on “Movie Pitch: Target Atlanta

    1. Yeah you are probably right, Hollywood never goes for the enlisted angle, always thinking only officers know anything. Truth would be the enlisted out working and the officers all sitting in PowerPoint driven meetings all day.

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