The Realm of Remmorgan

I beseech thee, enter the Realm of Remmorgan!

I created this simple little map as part of my continued testing of he iPad’s ability to create gaming material. The map is simple, and in an ‘old school’ style that many of us might remember from days long gone to fancy-schmancy digital maps we find on many products today.

Way I see it, the map would provide an easy place to start a campaign with plenty of opportunity for any GM to expand upon as the game progressed. With five cities to explore, ruins, a grave, and a mysterious tower, there are plenty of jumpstart locations that any brave adventure could head off to make a name for himself. I opted to do a little fleshing out of this, just for fun.

Chrom – A seaside community that deals in mainly fishing and supporting economic oath of the region through sales of the merchandise that comes down river from the cities upstream. Ruled by an aging gentleman named Lord Serrgord who’s educated and firm hand has guided the city through three decades of growth. His keen eye for business and habit of surrounding himself with strong, brave, and loyal persons has lead the town to become a beacon of education, peace, and community in an otherwise rough region. Home to the Univesalis Chromium, a well known center of brilliant and open thought, known for shaping such fine young men as Lord Douren, Master Gweuren, and the Protector of Peordn: Sir Tellinferd. Swamps to the northeast have been calmed, but occasionally some beast will wander into town and need brave souls to deal with the problem. Rumors speak of a keep that sunk ages ago in the swamp, inside an evil Mage awaits the ring time to unleash his dark hordes upon the city.

Heorn – This mid-sized city serves as a cross roads to all the good coming down the river. The ruler, Lord Werchestrn, is Lord Serrgord’s half brother and has long been in competition with him. Under his guidance, Heorn has frown to be powerful, yet still sits in Chrom’s shadow. The only stopping Wechestrn from out and out attempts to seize control is his wife, the sister of Lord Serrgord. Her steady hand and cautious nature has helped led the town to posterity, but she knows now is not the time for revolt. Back alley deals and murderous plots are very in style however.

Beod – The breadbasket of the Realm, this pleasant and peaceful village is the hub of agriculture in the region, producing nearly eighty-five percent of the grain, vegetable and animal goods in use in the region. The vineyards of this region produce some of the finest, and most sought after vintages in the known lands.

Duern – The outpost. This small town, walled by massive trunks of wood, is the last outpost of civilization for the Realm. The raiding tribes of orcs that have soured the woods to the north and west frequently strive to breech the walls. As such, Duern has become a community that relies on Lord Serrgord to send food, supplies and fresh troops to staves off the assaults. Trolls have recently begun to be used by the orcs, showing their tenacity for the destruction of the town.

Peordn – This mining community rests high up on a mountain and performs a second duty as a trading post with a dwarves nation, Valhallin Hall, which resides farther in the mountains. The dwarves have been taken by Lord Serrrgord’s young daughter who frequents the village due to her love for Sir Tellinferd, the current ruler. A great deal of wealth passes through here, the wine to the dwarfs and finely crafted metals, weapons and armor from them.

Grave of Eod – Eod was a powerful figure from long ago, a warrior of immeasurable power who ruled the lands with his magic and his might. When he fell, he was buried ugh in his loved mountains, supposedly safe from tomb raiders. The treacherous path to his tomb has claimed many an adventurer, yet the tales of the magic within still continue to draw the less cautious, and usually, the quickly dead.

Ruins of Mindurk – This shattered hulk of is all that remains of a once vibrant city on the dye of a desert. Overrun ages ago by desert nomads, today haunting stories keep most treasure series’s away, but the tales of wealth are well known and the gold they speak of rather large and every month groups disappear into the wastes and ruins to seek their fortune. What lies there and never let’s them return? No one knows for sure.

Tower of Kurr – This tall, red granite tower stands on the edge of the desert, a symbol of power and a threat to any who would venture into the Realm and try to repeat the past of Mindurk. The very capable son of Serrgord, Sir Duertiv, leads his band of merry men into the desert and the surrounding lands, striking out all evil they see…many times preventing a raiding party that would later have wrecked havoc in the Realm. Many see him, and his steady smart hand, as the next leader of the realm.


8 thoughts on “The Realm of Remmorgan

  1. I’m digging it!

    My only suggestion (because you asked for it, right?) is that you draw trees to indicate forest rather than green amorphous shapes. Just my opinion, so feel free to ignore it.

    What app did you use?

    1. It is, I am afraid to say, very simple. I wish I had more time, I slept othe plane over the pond and turned my iPad one once the entire flight so I don’t have a slew of new stuff to post this coming week, maybe on the flight back. I threw this map together just goofing off and thought it turned out pretty cool.

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