Stargate Universe: Sad to see it go


Alright, I am am going just put this out there: SGU is probably my favorite TV show right now, and I was never a big Stargate fan, I liked the movie but hated all the campy, pulpy TV shows.

I approached this show’s first season with a bit of caution, after other awesome shows have been cancelled (I am looking at you Fox) I did not want to buy in and later get burnt. I watched the first season and enjoyed it while realizing it had flaws. Dr Rush is an over powering and at times annoying character. His presence is so important though out the series that it reminds me of That Damn Kid from Star Trek: TNG, and that I cannot stand. Either way, the series grew one me enough that I annoyed my family and insisted on DVRing it weekly.

Now back in the states for R&R, I apparently missed the news the show had been canceled. This saddens me greatly as I was looking forward to the current season that is being shown here in the States. As the series has continued, the characters have really grown and become much more interesting than they were when originally presented. The concept of the people trapped on the ship, unable to return home, the ship in various states of needing repair, and the addition of the alien alliance…all add up to an interesting and engaging show.

Too bad it has failed to capture the attention of the viewers it needs to stay around.

It also makes me start to wonder what is going on at Syfy, with this show gone, what Syfy shows are left on the station? I believe Sanctuary is still running, never watched it though. Comparing Syfy’s lineup to another station and you will probably find more science fiction shows! Curse, if you are a wrestling fan, I amm sure you love Syfy……ridiculous.


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