A to Z Blogging Challenge…sort of


Yep, I am throwing my hat into the ring for this challenge. I missed the One Page Dungeon challenge because I was a lazy slug (no really, I was on R&R) and I don’t want to pass up another challenge with at least an attempt. The most difficult part will be that I am heading back to Iraq during the first week of April so I will be without internet for part of my travels. That means I need to plan ahead a little. I am hoping to be able to knock out a few posts before I get on a plane later this weekend.

One thing I will not be doing is sticking to the letter corresponding the theme of the post. Frankly I do not think I could pull that off and so I will not even attempt it. Call me a failure. Call me independent. Whatever. I know I will never get a theme for the letters Q, Z, X, and probably half the other letters.

Also, I rarely post every day, so posting every day will be an accomplishment in and of itself. So don’t come here looking for “A: Assine Post About Something Dumb Using the Letter A!” or “B: Magical Wooden Butt Cushions for use in your Campaign!”

Hopefully, instead, I will post some things that are useful.

Let’s see if I can do this…


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