A is for Awesome Points!

Yeah, i know, a few days late, but late is better than never, right???? Remember I said I was just trying to post daily, not follow the alphabet as the challenge really dictates. Oh well, call me a failure,

One of the best things about Old School Hack is the Awesome Point economy. In my recent games with primarily former D&D gamers, it took a few minutes for the magic of Awesome Points (AP) really started clicking, but once it did, it really began to pay off. In fact, in many ways APs almost completely run the game. True there are stats used for action checks to determine if character are successful in their attempted actions, but the AP really drives and pushes the game.

In my recent forays into Storygames with Brennen, Bryan and John we discovered that the player having the ability to greatly influence, if not drive the entire story line, can be a force multiplier in making the game better, more exciting, and even get the characters much more ‘into’ the story. We found that in games like Fiasco, the players influencing the storyline can become powerful and hugely entertaining for everyone. When playing Risus, we applied these lessons we learned and found that we could use these ideas with any system. Awesome.

Along comes OSH with Awesome Points. Awesome Points allow players to do certain things:

1 AP- Add a+2 to any Attribute Roll. Have something handy or nearby within reach. Add a cool effect to an Attack or Attribute Roll. Use a per-arena talent again in the same arena.

2 AP -Do one more point of damage after a successful attack. Heal a single point of damage that you’ve just taken. Create an NPC you have a relationship with. Recharge a rested Talent outside of combat.

3 AP – Use a Talent from your class that you don’t have yet.

Now, it must be states that I also allow players to use Awesome Points rather freely, oftentimes changing the storyline or allowing their character to do something truly amazing and based upon how much it affects the world around them….minus how awesome their telling of the events is. Really good telling of the tale results in less of an AP ‘fee’ it costs. What results is what I might call a rather pulpy Saturday afternoon serial film where the heroes can do some amazing things that might be slightly beyond the capability of normal people, but, isn’t that why we play games? Who wants to be normal?


9 thoughts on “A is for Awesome Points!

  1. I absolutely love the OSH system and cannot wait to get back to Iraq and run some more sessions of the game. I am also thinking about doing up a Star Wars version because, well, it would be awesome!

    1. I whole heartedly agree, been thinking about for about two weeks now (in between everything else I have been doing). I think there should be added in some sort of Dark Side rule added in, where if you are a Jedi and you use your powers for evil, you slowly become more and more evil or something. Still thinking it through though.

    2. I think it could be awesome, going to tr to con a designer/artist friend of mine to help do layout and fancy it up. Maybe Lucas would sue me!

  2. So, it would be ‘Force points’ instead of Awesome points?

    Maybe let other players award ‘Dark Side’ points whenever they judge he has misused the Force. More Dark side points than Force points-time to worry. Double the points-Jedi has turned to the Dark Side. Or some such.

    Just remember: the prequels never happened!

    And for best effect: neither did the sequels (Empire & Jedi).

  3. Interesting idea.

    What?!?! No prquels I get, but no Empire or Jedi??? I was planning on having the Ewok as a possible class!

  4. Star Wars was the only movie meant to stand on its own. All the rest were just a part of a story-and a marketing campaign to sell toys, comics etc.

    Would Ewoks start with negative Awesome Points?

  5. I will ruin my image here:

    I like all the original films. I would say Empire is my favorite of the SW films. So I would probably include all aspect from those three films.

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