C: Cartography!


Call it airport boredom, call it I want to play too! Either way, I drew up this dungeon map in about 30 minutes while sitting in the Atlanta USO watching their tv and a show on criminals who almost got away with murder. Perhaps that is why there are cells in this dungeon.

This serves not only as an entry into the RPG Carnival, but also as an entry for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, check that out! Two birds, one stone, an airport, and an iPad. Win.


This dungeon has dual stairs that lead down from somewhere above. Prominently settled in the middle of the map is a large crevasse (damn I like to use them, don’t I?) that slices the map in twain. This complex could have served as a temple (see area A, or even area L) with convenient cells to hold the sacrificial prisoners (areas B and J). After the sacrificial ceremony, the leftovers could hive been given to crocodiles or something even more horrible in area K.

I have included a non-keyed version for anyone if they wish to use it and throw at players.



6 thoughts on “C: Cartography!

  1. Thanks! When the army makes me catch a 530am flight from Nashville to sit in Atlanta until a 730pm connecting flight…what am I supposed to do? Make maps! Actually while sitting there I knocked out an entire week’s worth of posts to the A to Z challenge. So while sitting there sucked, it was was very productive.

    1. I have been using ArtStudio for about two months now, really like it. Flexible, easy to use and I can do custom brushes. I use a stylus.

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