C: Can’t do anything right! (travel update)

Wow, I totally screwed this up didn’t I? Forgot the B post, then post the Monday “C” post on Sunday, when the challenge is supposed to be on break….jeez, sometimes I think there needs to be a test and licensing process to be able to blog.

Course, that means half of us would not be posting right now, eh?

On the travel front, it looks like my return trip will work out very well and I should be back on my base much faster than I thought possible. Luck of the draw and I am supposed to be on a flight here in a few. By the time this posts, I might be sleeping in my bed, well my bed away from home anyway.


2 thoughts on “C: Can’t do anything right! (travel update)

    1. Thanks! I find it somewhat difficult at times keeping the days straight because I have the blog timezone set for here Iraq, thus I usually try to post around 5pm here, which results in something like 9am back in the states which seems to be when most people are just getting to work and checking out the blog. Got to love Internet at work. 🙂

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