F: Failure? A Sucker Punch review


I managed to drag my wife to “Sucker Punch” a few nights ago, I entered the theater on a little trepidation due to all the negative reviews and I knew she would hate it utterly. I tried to enter it with an open mind because I remembered how much I had been amazed by the trailer. I really wanted this movie to be great even though I knew I would probably be let down. The director I thought had done and amazing job on the movie 300, so I knew it was possible.

Was the movie awesome to watch? Yes.

Were there some problems? Yes.

Would I recommend this film? Yes. I would just caution you ahead of time to not pay full price, go for the matinée, or better yet, save it for the Blu-Ray and watch on a massive TV (like I will be doing this fall).

The visuals were kick ass, the special effects were awesome, dragon cool as hell, trench warfare versus zombie-steam-clockwork nazi, awesome. I want to point out that I prefer the term clockwork that was used in the film, much better term than steampunk. The robot-train combat has been getting raves but honestly, maybe I am getting old, but it was so chaotic and crazy that I honestly had trouble following along. It looked awesome, but wow, it made me dizzy watching it.

I thought the story was ok, not the greatest, but a decent one. I do not know the reason for the brothel, I think that could have been kept out and simply had the mental hospital and jump right into the nut job action sequences. I also did not understand the need to kill off the last two girls, just seemed needless and silly. Heck, save more of the girls at the end, make it a really happy happy. I mean, who can be happy when they kill Vanessa???????


Seriously though, who cannot enjoy something that looks like the image below? I mean look at that!


***** BEGIN SPOILERS *****

I did like how everything that happened in the dream world ended up happening in the real world, that made me think a bit. That means the entire made up world happened prior too the lobotomy ice pick going in at all at the beginning of the film. That means essentially the entire movie after that is Baby Doll remembering the past few day’s events right as she becomes a lobotomy zombie. Interesting. It was all a sort of nutty pre-lobotomy flashback.

One thing I would like clarified is the reason for the title. Was the sucker punch the fact that she sacrificed herself so the other girl could escape? As the end approached, they kept hiding the girls face and I was sure when they revealed her face it would be Sweat Pea and not Baby Doll. That would have been a sucker punch for me, that Baby Doll some how sacrificed Sweat Pea to save her own ass. Alas, it did not go that way.

When approached from the viewpoint of a movie such as “Inception” and I think the bottom line becomes clearer. The insane combat scenes are the way Baby Doll deals with the crazy life she finds herself in and the path she takes to get herself through. That said though, I think this is actually is wrong. I really feel the entire movie was nothing but a pre-lobotomy flashback played through a mental patient’s point of view of the events

The ending was ok, but the ending just sort of fell flat for me. They made such a big deal about the look she gave the doctor, that she was special, and then nothing. Never expanded upon that at all. Was all set up and no payout. Felt empty.

***** END SPOILERS *****


3 thoughts on “F: Failure? A Sucker Punch review

    1. My wife, a very non-geek person, hated it extensively. I am much more of a movie buff and find myself looking deeper than she does….it is just entertainment for her. I liked it, she hated it.

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