H: Hergoth’s Dungeon Hostel (Geomorph 12)


So, here we are at H now and the first thing that pops into my head is the word Hostel, not sure why.  Hated the movie, never stayed in one….hmmmm.

Anyway, so I start thinking, I need something, I like the word hostel, but how to fit it in? Finally it came to me, a geo for a hostel in a dungeon! I mean think about it. Say there was a mega-dungeon somewhere, you would need some place to crash and relax a bit. An enterprising fellow, let’s say a hobbin (halfling) named Hergoth stops in, he carries a magic portal that can transport him from any location back to his home in Croftminster. He clears out an area in the dungeon with some friends, uses the gold to hire some ghim (dwarvish type fellows) and designs out a dungeon hostel!

Now adventurers can stop in and relax, get a room and rest up from the worries of the dungeon. Hergoth hired two trolls to guard the entrances to his little business and uses the portal to transport goods back and forth from the hostel to Croftminster. For a very large fee, he might let you use the portal as well. Along with the hostel, he offers a hot meal and even sells goods any adventurer might need while deep in the pits. Now, replacing those healing potions can be done inside the dungeon!

Sounds like a pretty good plan, eh?


This serves as another entry for the RPG Carnival hosted by Dysos Logos this month as well as an entry  for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.


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