B: Bonus Posting!

Since I was a turd and missed the “B” posting day, I thought I better make amends. A few friends suggested I use the “Z” day to post something about Zeppelins, which of course sounds like a damn fine plan to me since I absolutely LOVE the grand old crafts. In typical Matt fashion I said “Screw waiting until the end of the month to post that!” I needed a Zeppelin post, and I needed it today! Besides, I did miss the “B” day, so here goes…bonus post, baby!

Long an admirer of RisusMonkey’s edge geomorphs, I figured why should he have all the fun? So, tossing those two ideas together into the blender, I quickly came upon the perfect geo that could be an edge:

A Zeppelin Dock!

Every good dungeon should have one. If zepps aren’t your cup of tea you should see a doctor for that…..er sorry, simply claim that that open area is water and not the clear blue sky!



This serves as another entry for the RPG Carnival hosted by Dysos Logos this month as well as an entry  for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Join in the fun! I know you love maps too!



4 thoughts on “B: Bonus Posting!

  1. It’s actually a great illo of the skyships docking at what is basically a Zappelin Dock Tower in one of the Eberron books that finally sold me on that setting.

  2. My current campaign is entirely focused on zeppelins (or it was until the airship captain got killed).

    I love mixing magic and technology, but Eberron never struck me as very technological. Just not at all medieval. I still loved it, though. I borrowed freely from it for Dragonspire.

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